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Free Speech?

What the hell is happening to freedom of speech and expression in this country. Liberal Democrat MP is censured over his remarks about the appalling treatment of the Palestinians by Israel, I copy it here for you:-

” Mr Ward said he was “saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza”.

Now, what is unreasonable about that statement? There is another outcry regarding the cartoon by Gerald Scarfe in the Sunday Times which more forcefully expresses the same sentiment. Even Rupert Murdoch has been issuing grovelling apologies. Arguably it might have been insensitive to publish it on Holocaust Memorial Day although I would argue that there could hardly be a better time.

We are losing hard won freedoms and rights in this country on a regular basis and if we let freedom of speech slip through our fingers the future is not looking just bad, it is looking horrifying.ShowImage

Absolute Madness

If this sort of insanity didn’t happen so often I’d be shocked speechless but as it seems to be becoming an almost regular occurence I’m simply stunned for the umpteenth time.

Tilern DeBique, from the West Indies was a soldier in the British army and she had a child. One day she didn’t turn up on parade as she couldn’t find someone to look after her daughter. Naturally she was disciplined  and so she made a complaint under race and sex discrimination laws and was awarded £17000 compensation. Do I need to say anymore? The mind as they say, just boggles.

“Plus Size Passenger”

Don’t you just love political correctness? Air France are introducing a surcharge of 75% for fat people and giving them two seats to spread onto. In addition they get a seat belt extender so they can be clipped in safely. What a good and sensible idea.

Whoops! Did I say ‘fat’ people? Sorry p.c. brigade the Air France boss has a phrase for it ‘High Body Mass’ people or if you prefer, from the Al Jazeera reporter ‘Plus Size Passengers’. Needless to say high body mass fat people are up in arms about this. Why the hell can’t we call a spade a spade rather than a personal earth turning implement? Being fat is a life choice why the hell shouldn’t they pay for two seats rather than overspilling into the space of a reasonably proportioned fellow passenger.

See the video report here.

European Islamic Community

I think it’s fair to say that we as a nation and indeed a large part of Europe have become all but paralysed by political correctness. Although our eyes see and our ears hear what is happening all around us most of us unconsciously self censor this information. Those that do recognise what is transforming our country and speak out run a great risk of being accused of racisism. The blight of pc is all pervading, preventing truth from seeping out beneath it’s repressive fog.

I believe in the equality of all human beings and appreciate and enjoy the rich diversity of the various traditions and I am certainly no apologist for the BNP  or any other racist group. I also enjoy and appreciate the traditions of my own country, England and of neighbouring Wales, Scotland and Ireland, linking to make the UK. The historic connection with the near countries of western Europe are also a cultural link that I appreciate.

Blowing away for a moment the mist of political correctness then we will see that all that I love of my country and it’s heritage are fast being lost and indeed will probably be lost forever. Huge and rapid immigration of muslims mainly from the Indian sub continent but also from Africa are swamping the British identity. Western white Europeans are breeding at a rate approximating to 1.8 children per couple, in other words they are not replacing themselves and so the indigenous population is falling. Not so with the immigrant families who replicate at a rate of between 4 and 8 children per couple, in other words, they more than double themselves and even quadruple themselves.

Again rub the pc dust from our eyes and do a little mathematics and we’ll find that in about 50 years time muslims will be the majority population of not only the UK but also of Europe. The Islamic European Community is far from unlikely it is almost a certainty.  What a legacy to leave to perhaps not our children but certainly to our  grandchildren.

The best that we can do now is to close our borders to all further immigration and slow up the inevitable. We can only do this if we force our way though the mist and murk of political correctness.

England O My England

Yesterday in Luton the East Anglian regiment marched through the town on it’s return from active service in Iraq. They were met by Muslim protesters waving banners saying ‘Anglian Regiment Go to Hell’ and shouts of “Anglian Soldiers: Butchers of Basra” and “Anglian Soldiers: cowards, killers, extremists”.  Now Freethinkeruk is no supporter of the Iraq invasion nor our involvement in Afghanistan but I support our military personnel as individuals who are merely pawns in this political game.

A friend of mine has recently suffered the loss of her 40 year old son who lived in Leicester. She has to wait for three weeks before the cremation can take place. This is an awfully long time for anyone to wait to begin the process of closure. So why is it such a long wait? The undertaker explained that Muslims get priority as their religion requires quick burial or cremation because of the health risks in the heat of the sun. What sun here in late winter in the UK? Don’t we also have fridges for any delay? Why should Muslims get priority in this sad matter or any other?

Anyone who knows me would confirm that I am neither a racist nor a bigot but in these ridiculous politically correct times I run the risk of being called or thought as such simply for speaking my mind and so beit. We, or rather successive governments, are giving away our nation. We changed our anti cruelty to animals laws to allow Halal meat, we have allowed mass immigration to swamp many of our ancient towns and cities, we spend a fortune on schemes to supposedly integrate Asians in the main into our society.

It is time to say enough is enough. Further mass immigration halted, no more concessions to culture or religions. A statement must be made clear that this is our country and you are welcome provided that you fit in with us and if you don’t wish to do so then don’t come here.

Here We Go Again

Another BBC presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, has been recorded in Australia referring to the Prime Minister as a “One eyed, Scottish Idiot.” Off they go, the pc army, those largely self appointed representatives of the disabled joining forces with the Scots.

imagesAll right what he said doesn’t sound very friendly does it but let’s take it apart a bit. ‘One eyed’ is a fact although I can never quite decide which is which. ‘Scottish,’ well he is Scottish; ‘idiot’ well that’s a bit iffy and depends on your point of view but Clarkson obviously thinks so.

We must accept that people whether in the public eye or not must be allowed to say what they think or we will end up in a sanitised, controlled, boring world.

Political Correctness

Political Correctness, it drives me mad sometimes, well, often actually. Many decades ago when freethinker was just a toddler my prized possession was a Golliwog. I took it everywhere and still remember it fondly when all other toys are forgotten, apart that is from Rupert the Bear.

Carol Thatcher has lost her job on The One Show for a casual remark that the hair of a tennis player looked like a Golliwog. The tennis player was originally said to be Andy Murray but there seem to be differences of opinion arising as time passes. The remark wasn’t even on air. Good grief what is the BBC coming to? Scared of every PC shadow.

I suspect that most of you reading this wont even know what a Golliwog was and so here is a picture of one An Australian firm still make them, Not so bothered about PC there then!

Censorship and perhaps particularly self censorship as a response to pressure, is a destroyer of freedom. It has been suggested that the complaint arose because of a loathing of the actions of Carol’s mother which makes the situation even worse. No one, I suspect, could loathe Margaret Thatcher’s reign more than me but to take it out on her daughter is even more loathsome.

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