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European Islamic Community

I think it’s fair to say that we as a nation and indeed a large part of Europe have become all but paralysed by political correctness. Although our eyes see and our ears hear what is happening all around us most of us unconsciously self censor this information. Those that do recognise what is transforming our country and speak out run a great risk of being accused of racisism. The blight of pc is all pervading, preventing truth from seeping out beneath it’s repressive fog.

I believe in the equality of all human beings and appreciate and enjoy the rich diversity of the various traditions and I am certainly no apologist for the BNP  or any other racist group. I also enjoy and appreciate the traditions of my own country, England and of neighbouring Wales, Scotland and Ireland, linking to make the UK. The historic connection with the near countries of western Europe are also a cultural link that I appreciate.

Blowing away for a moment the mist of political correctness then we will see that all that I love of my country and it’s heritage are fast being lost and indeed will probably be lost forever. Huge and rapid immigration of muslims mainly from the Indian sub continent but also from Africa are swamping the British identity. Western white Europeans are breeding at a rate approximating to 1.8 children per couple, in other words they are not replacing themselves and so the indigenous population is falling. Not so with the immigrant families who replicate at a rate of between 4 and 8 children per couple, in other words, they more than double themselves and even quadruple themselves.

Again rub the pc dust from our eyes and do a little mathematics and we’ll find that in about 50 years time muslims will be the majority population of not only the UK but also of Europe. The Islamic European Community is far from unlikely it is almost a certainty.  What a legacy to leave to perhaps not our children but certainly to our  grandchildren.

The best that we can do now is to close our borders to all further immigration and slow up the inevitable. We can only do this if we force our way though the mist and murk of political correctness.

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3 thoughts on “European Islamic Community

  1. Thinker on said:

    I think the think about population growth you’ve mentioned is not specific to Muslims only. Most non-western couples usually have more than 1.8 children among them.

    Why highlight Muslims only?

  2. You are of course quite correct in that most non Western couples have more children. I highlight Muslims because they are in the majority of immigrants to the UK and seemingly much less willing to integrate with our culture. Indeed they insist on installing their religion and culture in and on our society.

    There are many towns and cities which in large part are barely distinguishable from Pakistan or Bangladesh. Our laws on animal welfare have been altered to accommodate Halal meat for example and Mosques are springing up all over. It is also the stated aim of Islam to bring the whole World under it’s domination and I don’t wish to be under any religion at all.

    I do not in any way blame the immigrants at all in seeking a better life here in the UK or the West in general, I blame successive governments for allowing such huge numbers entry over such a short time span. In the past there has been gradual immigration from the West Indies and from India and by and large they have made an effort to integrate with the indigenous population and become a valued part of Britain. I see little or no effort being made by the Muslim immigrants who have arrived in huge numbers over the last couple of decades.

  3. Thinker on said:

    Integration is inevitable. Some would take more time than others but eventually they’ll integrate. Integration into a society is a complex matter and depends on a lot of variables. If you look at the 2nd or 3rd generation of the migrants, you’ll definately see signs of integration. No one can live in a society and not be influenced by it. Only the speed of integration may not be in your liking but that’s just the way it is.

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