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Pay the Taliban

What a brilliant idea it is to pay the Taliban to stop killing our soldiers!

Why don’t we take the idea a step further? We could pay thieves to stop robbing our houses or mugging us in the streets, we could pay drug dealers to stop pushing and vandals to play nicely in the park.

We could even pay politicians to speak the truth and keep their promises. Oh! we’ve done that, it doesn’t work.

Frances Inglis

Sadness and anger have brought me back after my few months resting from the horrors, greed and cruelty of the World.

Sadness and anger at the disgraceful life sentence with a minimum of nine years handed down to Frances Inglis a loving mother who killed her severely brain injured son to save him further pain and distress. It is often said in such circumstances that the sentence should act as a deterrent to others but I hope that it doesn’t and it can’t. Love will always trump the Law.

This poor woman should have been comforted with a hug and provided with counselling not to ‘get over’ but to live with the pain of what she felt she had to do.

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