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“Plus Size Passenger”

Don’t you just love political correctness? Air France are introducing a surcharge of 75% for fat people and giving them two seats to spread onto. In addition they get a seat belt extender so they can be clipped in safely. What a good and sensible idea.

Whoops! Did I say ‘fat’ people? Sorry p.c. brigade the Air France boss has a phrase for it ‘High Body Mass’ people or if you prefer, from the Al Jazeera reporter ‘Plus Size Passengers’. Needless to say high body mass fat people are up in arms about this. Why the hell can’t we call a spade a spade rather than a personal earth turning implement? Being fat is a life choice why the hell shouldn’t they pay for two seats rather than overspilling into the space of a reasonably proportioned fellow passenger.

See the video report here.

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