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Swine ‘Flu

Do we like to be frightened in this country now, or is it that fear sells newspapers? Whatever happened to the British ‘stiff upper lip’ the, oh well, just get on with it and see what happens attitude that has served us so well for so long?

There are just 12 confirmed cases of death from swine ‘flu in Mexico with around another 160 ‘suspected cases’. Here in the UK there are just 8 confirmed cases and all are recovering ok. Doubtless there will be more cases but we are well prepared with the appropriate drugs and despite another fear that’s frequently peddled, our health service is one of the best in the world.

Around 3000 people die on the roads each year along with thousands of others from hospital acquired infections (despite best efforts of staff) and from ‘ordinary’ ‘flu, pneumonia and so on. Let’s keep things in perspective.

Going by the media and government spokesmen you would think that we are about to face a viral armmageddon but of course it does help to take our mind off the recession, global warming, government gaffs…….. or am I suffering from a case of terminal cynicism?

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