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Well, I’ve been thinking of writing a blog for sometime now, so at last I’ve taken the time to activate a site here which may (will) stimulate me to hit those keys.

This blog is intended to be political in the broadest sense, controversial most of the time, at least that’s what I hope. It’s not just ranting & raving though, as I hope also to post about good things when they happen. Above all a forum for free or lateral thinking on many of the problems besetting the World.

Starting back in the 60’s when I first joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament I have been involved in many radical organisations and am still involved to this day, although I admit I have not tried getting into nuclear bases for some time. I would now consider myself as a ‘Grumpy Old Man’ but passionately believe that grumpy old men and women, banded together, can still change the world albeit with some help from those whose limbs do not as yet ache and whose eye sight and hearing are not slowly fading.

I’ve been too busy for most of 2011 but intend to make more effort in 2012.



10 thoughts on “About FreethinkerUK

  1. Al Coy on said:

    Great stuff, keep it up yer grumpy old git! 😉

  2. Dave (Freethinkeruk's ol boy) on said:

    Yes very good so far, but just one thing, wots the little smile thingy top right???

  3. No idea what the little smiley thing is but it’s on all WordPress blogs so I guess it’s a logo of some sort. Cute innit?

  4. Hi,

    I have been reading (and enjoying) articles on your site and noticed that your site has a number of useful political links.

    I thought therefore it would be worth writing firstly just to introduce myself and secondly to ask a favour! Indeed, I was hoping that you may be able to put up the website on your webpage links column.

    Just to introduce myself – My name is Tamara and I work at Catch21 which is a charitable organisation and the first permanent political platform for young people. We are run by young volunteers and everything we do is specifically catered for young people.

    Fundamentally, it was reported that most young people in the UK, who have the vote, don’t use it so Catch21 was set up to literally try to increase democracy by enhancing youth outreach work with interactive and internet based media. We now have a large network of contacts and can always easily arrange events for young people to speak with MPs and produce political shows. Our channel is one of the few places where young people can truly feel that their voice is being heard should they ever be taking part in a debate, forum or other such platform as it is becoming the one internet channel that decision makers regularly look at and contribute to.

    I hope what Catch21 does is something that interests and I hope therefore that you can help us spread the word to your readership.

    If you have any queries please do get in touch.

    Kind regards,

  5. Dear Free Thinker and dear Tamara

    I was born in September 1944 and my mum rescued me from the bombing of Dresden. Having worked in Geneva at CERN as a a mathematician and system analyst, I came to London with the vision of a “peace network” of people and computers protecting our planet. That was 1981.

    Since then, I have learned more about the ‘catch 22’ than I ever wanted to learn: Money at the Root of the Peace Issue (see and money as the master of lawyers, bankers and politicians.

    If you’re in doubt, read BBC business editor Robert Peston’s book “Who runs Britain?”

    I LOVE your site because of its focus on PRODUCTION. Have a look at the videos Silly Money, Money as Debt and Zeitgeist Addendum and see whether you can make something snazzier for young people.

    On our online petition we target the Treasury Select Committee. I can’t tell you how much I’d welcome your support to ‘sway’ them over! The Queen has passed my letter regarding the petition to the Prime Minister. Please click on for details.

    Oldies are more ‘enchanted’ by young people than by each other, it sometimes seems.

    But with this Free Thinker blogging away, there is reason for hope that I place fundamentally in people of all ages!

    With best wishes for more and more democracy, especially of the economic kind,

    Sabine [have posted about your site on

  6. Chris Barson on said:

    Hi! Your wonderful son Dave told me about you whilst he was refitting our boiler. His stories of you (and him) re-awoke my passion for equality, fairness and peace – and your blog was the icing on the cake!

    Keep at it…..and I really do believe that if we are not cynical…..the bastards will put even more on us than they have done already.

    Sadly, this article in today’s Guardian, must make us all very cautious about the future and David Cameron

    Unequal Britain: richest 10% are now 100 times better off than the poorest



  7. Glad a random WordPress link brought you to the blog of this woman born in ’42. I am so glad to see so many more of us in this 30 and 40-something dominated net. We’re the ones with the sense and knowledge of history that is lacking in the US from decades of bad education.

    I’ve been a democrat and Republican but I’m mostly independent. Lived in Canada near my draft-dodger boyfriend whilst my brother who is not a war monger served as a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam (our Dad tested some of the first choppers; tested the P-40s the Flying Tigers Flew).

    Ancestry – 1/2 English; 1/4 Scot; 1/4 county Clare (wildness)! I have visited the old sod many times. Grandparents married St. Margaret’s, Westminster. Last visit just after 9/11 determined to carry on.

    Do come again for a visit. I like your philosophy and your blog albeit I’m not an old radical with embers still burning. I do grab ideas from that fire. I remember the SDS chapter on my campus and chiding the head of it for sitting eating juicy hambergers in the student union spouting revolution when he had no idea about sacrificing for one. It’s expensive for parents to educate a revolutionary. Oh, and I hate those GD smiley faces. I use them – we all do to make certain people know we are not too stern in what we say. I will not make one here in your honor.

  8. What do you think of BAE Systems?Do you know Rob Pattinson?

  9. Hiya Kay
    Well, I have to ask why you asked for my opinion of BAE and no I don’t know Rob Pattinson but I’m intrigued. 🙂

  10. Hello Freethinker, I just found your blog when I searched for “Ian Duncan Smith, forced labour”. Jings! Your blog reads like a coherent version of me. I must follow.

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