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Royal Raid Attempt on Poor

No wonder the Royal family want to be exempted from the Freedom of Information Act. Not content with the millions of Pounds that the taxpayers are forced to hand over to them in order to fund their lavish lifestyle, they even attempted to dip their greedy hands into the fund set up to help people on low incomes heat their homes. The report in the Independent shows just how far they will go to line their bulging pockets even further.

HM Department of Loan Sharks

The Dept of Work & Pensions under Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) is today announcing a loan ‘service’ for the poor and vulnerable in our society. (Let’s ignore for a moment whether in the 21st Century there should still ‘poor & vulnerable and that an earlier Tory had said ‘there is no such thing as Society’)

This scheme called My Home Finance is supposed to protect people who are in dire straits from the clutches of loan sharks who charge exorbitant rates of interest often backed up with threats of violence.  From this perspective it’s a good idea. The scheme though, when rolled out nationwide, will be charging 49.9% interest! At a time when the Bank of England Rate is 0.5% and credit card companies are offering around 12% and Credit Unions are prohibited by law from charging more than 26.8% but usually charge less, I would call this Government scheme Loan Sharking.

If further proof were needed that this Con/Dem coalition is intent on fleecing the poor to pay for the capitalist excesses you must be very difficult to convince.

‘Do’ God!

It’s a funny twisted world of politics we have to survive in isn’t it? Baroness Warsi the Chair of the Tory Party and herself a Muslim (no bias here then) has said that the coalition “does God” unlike the Labour Party. She said that ‘Labour acted as if faith was confined to “oddities, foreigners and minorities’.

Hmm! Interesting! Let’s have a closer look. There’s quite a few ‘odd’ faiths around, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons spring easily to mind. ‘Foreigners’ and their offspring make up a large proportion of the Eastern faiths along with Catholics from Eastern Europe. Figures also show that less than 10% of our population regularly attend a church, mosque, synagogue etc so that is definitely a ‘minority’. QED

Tony Blair despite being as close to a war criminal as you can get without being convicted, is a ‘devout’ Christian and a convert to Roman Catholicism. On the other hand David Cameron said his faith “is a bit like the reception for Magic FM in the Chilterns, it sort of comes and goes”. Nick Clegg is an atheist.

One can’t help but wonder if the coalition ‘does God’ because the ‘Big Society’ will require unpaid volunteers and the religions are always keen to get involved as a way of peddling their beliefs.

British Slaves

Tonight is the last night of the ‘Proms’ the British series of concerts held in the Albert Hall. The ‘highlight’ of the evening for most, is, for me, a sickening spectacle of nationalistic fervour  with a rendition of ‘Rule Britannia’ including the phrase ‘Britons never, never, never, shall be slaves’.

The sad truth of course, is that Britons are well and truly slaves; slaves to their capitalist masters. Britons are now working longer than our Middle Ages forebears, most are trapped with large mortgages around their necks, too afraid to offer more than token resistance to the high stress lifestyle imposed upon them.

It can be argued that they have simply allowed this to happen seduced by clever political and consumerist marketing and this would be true but let us not underestimate the powerful forces that have been at work over the past few decades. I am though hopeful that the impending full frontal attack on the hopes and dreams of Britons by this current consortium of a power hungry and greedy government will bring the people to their senses and they will demand a different and a better way to organise society. I believe or should I say, I hope, they will take back the power that has been usurped and is rightfully theirs, that they will reorganise through the Trade Unions, that they will demonstrate and rebuild a Labour Party that is truly a party of the people once again.

This is my ‘hopes and dreams’ and I will allow no government to take that from me.

More of the Family Silver Being Flogged

Remember Thatcher flogging the family silver? Water, electricity, gas, British Rail and more? Now Cameron and his renegade side kick Clegg have wasted no time in picking up the handbag and are now about to sell off our Postal service.

Using the same con trick of Thatcher the employees will be offered the carrot of getting some of the shares but inevitably they will be forced by the hardships about to descend on us to sell them off. The shares of course ending up with the rich and multi national corporations. What will be next on their agenda of party political theft? I suggest keeping a close eye on our National Health Service, not in one go of course but little by little by stealth.

Our only hope is the collapse of this disastrous coalition and another election to correct our mistake of last May.

The £12m Pope

So, the Pope is to visit our shores next week and the cost of the security is going to hit our hard pressed taxpayers to the tune of £12million or put another way the approximate cost of building 120 new homes for our homeless.

You may have heard the argument that this expenditure is acceptable as this is a ‘State Visit’ as the Vatican City is nominally considered to be such an entity. The fact is that this was a ruse during the 2nd World War to ensure that this little tiny area of Italy was protected from bombing or occupation because of it’s wealth of art treasures and architecture by becoming ‘neutral’.

This guy tells his followers not to use condoms even if that means they get HIV/AIDS. He is the head of an organisation that preaches poverty and self sacrifice and yet has unimaginable wealth and riches. He heads an organisation that attracts paedophiles  like bees to a honey pot and when they surface either conspires to prevent them coming to justice or turns a blind eye.

Let him pay for his own security.

Update: The cost now expected to be £17m!

William Hague

I can hardly believe that the bloggers and media pundits are still managing to keep this story going. In fact there’s barely a story there at all.

William, is he gay? Is he bi sexual? Is he straight? I don’t give a stuff (pardon the pun) Will he do his job well? Will he benefit the Nation? Will he think first of the poorer members of society? Oh, I nearly forgot, he’s a Tory so the answer is of course, no!

So that’s dealt with that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, do you reckon he got up to hanky panky with his room mate…………………..

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