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Political Correctness, it drives me mad sometimes, well, often actually. Many decades ago when freethinker was just a toddler my prized possession was a Golliwog. I took it everywhere and still remember it fondly when all other toys are forgotten, apart that is from Rupert the Bear.

Carol Thatcher has lost her job on The One Show for a casual remark that the hair of a tennis player looked like a Golliwog. The tennis player was originally said to be Andy Murray but there seem to be differences of opinion arising as time passes. The remark wasn’t even on air. Good grief what is the BBC coming to? Scared of every PC shadow.

I suspect that most of you reading this wont even know what a Golliwog was and so here is a picture of one An Australian firm still make them, Not so bothered about PC there then!

Censorship and perhaps particularly self censorship as a response to pressure, is a destroyer of freedom. It has been suggested that the complaint arose because of a loathing of the actions of Carol’s mother which makes the situation even worse. No one, I suspect, could loathe Margaret Thatcher’s reign more than me but to take it out on her daughter is even more loathsome.

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2 thoughts on “Political Correctness

  1. I think she deserved to be sacked for being stupid:

    ….the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  2. Political correctness is the cheap mannerist blanket of pretend care in a careless class society who gives a bird shit about TRUE injustice.
    Its the sound good noise “feel well” of an up elbow kicking down the nose looking climbing middle class without REAL inner ethic values , who want to APPEAR concerned and distancing them self from the “rude” proletarians. Its NeoCrowellian curtain pulling bigotry allowing finger pointing witch hunting of non conformists.

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