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Absolute Madness

If this sort of insanity didn’t happen so often I’d be shocked speechless but as it seems to be becoming an almost regular occurence I’m simply stunned for the umpteenth time.

Tilern DeBique, from the West Indies was a soldier in the British army and she had a child. One day she didn’t turn up on parade as she couldn’t find someone to look after her daughter. Naturally she was disciplined  and so she made a complaint under race and sex discrimination laws and was awarded £17000 compensation. Do I need to say anymore? The mind as they say, just boggles.

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4 thoughts on “Absolute Madness

  1. Rachel on said:

    Under race not good……under sex i would hope that the same would apply if she was a he. In these days of lack of quality childcare placements (not to mention the huge cost of them) When nurserys and school are quick to send children home when they sneeze – it is very difficult for parents to be reliable when their children are slightly ill/unwell. We are forced (predomently women) to work due to the financial impact of not working only to be forced into low paid jobs or jobs in the public sector (again not fantastic pay) (ideally in schools as the children are always on holiday). These jobs are more commonly held by women (hence the lack of men in the classroom). So to be disiplined is wrong if the circumstances were beyond her control ie age of child etc. In employment law if the child is under six years old then the primary carer is (within reason) allowed to take time required. Either change the law, make it easier for parents to find affordable good childcare, make nurserys/schools more able to deal with under the weather children. Or stop making it so bloody expensive to live and so parents can choose whether to work or not….hence the pressure is off parents and employers alike……………

  2. I agree with all that you have said except this is the army for God’s sake. “I’m sorry, I can’t fight today to defend our nation as I can’t find a child minder, you’ll have to have a war another day” just will not do.

    People in the armed services must be reliable and available at all times and if they can’t then they should have the sense to leave or failing that be discharged.

  3. Rachel on said:

    In this day and age and equal opportunities the army should provide support for families in this situation. It would certainly save them money on soldiers wages when they have to take time out as well as compensations claims like this.

    It seems weird they can be sympathetic when babies are due and allowing fathers time to be at home with their partners when they due to have babies and yet somehow the sympathy runs out in the day to day running of a family home. Its a dillema that many thousands of women face daily. I myself have had to make the decision whether to work or not luckily enough i was able to make the decision to stay home..if this soldier is a lone parent how can u slam her for trying to do both? Damned if u do and damned if u don’t springs to mind.

  4. It seems that I have to repeat that ‘in general’ I agree with you and I agree with equality of opportunity laws but the problem arises when minds become set in the belief that a generally good law and a good idea is set in stone. Every idea and every law must be accompanied with at least an element of commonsense.

    The right to life is enshrined in law, domestic and international and rightly so but a member of the armed forces gives up that right in the event of conflict in order to defend the rest of us. Equally I say that if rights that the rest of us take for granted gets in the way of our forces carrying out the duties that they are paid to do (by us) then they should not be in the service. Simples!

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