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Gurkha Victory but…

Joanna Lumley,  ably assisted by the media, who love a good story have won the right for ex Gurkhas and their families to live in the UK. Although against the wishes of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, Parliament voted in favour of the then proposal with the result that the P.M. has today announced agreement.

Undoubtedly this is a democratically arrived at decision and the power of the people has in this instance prevailed which I for one applaud although not agreeing with the decision. However, the UK will now be saddled with an estimated up to £5bn in the costs of the expected additional immigrants and further expenditure as the years roll by. So, what to do? My advice to Gordon Brown, although I very much doubt he will take it, is to disband the Gurkha Regiment as soon as practically possible. This will prevent rolling immigration, save a whole heap of money and should there be a shortage of troops then we can get our noses out of someone else’s country and save some lives as well.

Gurkhas Vote

Yesterday Parliament voted down the Government’s proposals on granting certain ex members of the Gurkha Regiment the right to residency in the UK. Needless to say the opposition parties leaped at this opportunity to bash the government and Gordon Brown in particular.

The vote was an emotional vote and not one based on commonsense and a grasp of reality. Just take a step back and see the situation for what it really is. The Gurkhas sign up to a contract to fight if necessary for the perceived needs of the UK and in return they are paid an agreed sum. At the end of their term of service they receive an agreed pension. That is the end of our obligation to what are in effect mercenaries. Post 1997 a part of the agreement is indeed a right to UK residency which will be honoured.

The likely result of this emotional vote is a further influx of immigrants into this already overcrowded island at a probable cost of £2bn. We have a right to expect our politicians to think things through clearly, dispassionately and leave emotions outside the debating chamber.

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