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Can You Help Me Here Mr Cameron?

OK, let me get this straight Mr Cameron as I really want to understand.

Are you saying that Assad who is winning his civil war deliberately gassed some of his own people to provoke the US and it’s lapdog, us, into dropping bombs on Syria that will kill even more people and possibly Assad himself and his family?

I really want to get this right so help me to grasp the thinking will you Dave? So we drop bombs on Syria until the opposition wins, is that it Dave? The opposition though are mainly made up of Islamic Fundamentalists who hate us, right? So is the hope that because we helped get them into power they will turn all sort of lovely and friendly and give us lots of oil at a knock down price?

By the way, I know being gassed must be a horrible way to die but can you explain to me why it’s worse than having your intestines ripped away or your legs blown off by a shell and dying slowly from that? I must admit I’m still struggling a bit with the theory Dave but I’m sure you know best; or do you?

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3 thoughts on “Can You Help Me Here Mr Cameron?

  1. Interesting post, baring in mind what you’ve said, you may be interested in something I wrote a while back:

  2. Penniless Veggie on said:

    It’s obvious the gas attack had nothing to do with Assad, and they know it full well. There are bigger agendas at stake for our Glorious Leaders that they don’t share with us little people.

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