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The £12m Pope

So, the Pope is to visit our shores next week and the cost of the security is going to hit our hard pressed taxpayers to the tune of £12million or put another way the approximate cost of building 120 new homes for our homeless.

You may have heard the argument that this expenditure is acceptable as this is a ‘State Visit’ as the Vatican City is nominally considered to be such an entity. The fact is that this was a ruse during the 2nd World War to ensure that this little tiny area of Italy was protected from bombing or occupation because of it’s wealth of art treasures and architecture by becoming ‘neutral’.

This guy tells his followers not to use condoms even if that means they get HIV/AIDS. He is the head of an organisation that preaches poverty and self sacrifice and yet has unimaginable wealth and riches. He heads an organisation that attracts paedophiles  like bees to a honey pot and when they surface either conspires to prevent them coming to justice or turns a blind eye.

Let him pay for his own security.

Update: The cost now expected to be £17m!

Not So Gay Christians

So Pope Benedict in his luxurious palace in Rome has urged his Bishops in the UK to do all they can to get an opt out from proposed equality legislation and maintain their current right to ban gays from administrative positions in the Roman Catholic Church.

Oh dear! So on the one hand everyone is equal in the eyes of the Church and of God; except gays of course. It’ll be interesting to see the Bishops squirm and try to wriggle their way out of that one.

Mind you this is the successor of the same Vatican that did a deal with the Nazis to keep their position and wealth while millions were murdered. Still, they were only Jews and Gypsies and oh yes, gays.

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The Right to Die

The Italian senate is to debate the case of a woman who has been in a coma since 1992 and who’s father has arranged for he to be taken to a care home where they will withdraw life support from her and allow her to die.

Silvio Berlusconi with the conivance of the Vatican has tried to make this act of mercy impossible. Another case of the Church having undue influence on secular law as happens here too often. If some people wish to hold certain beliefs and choose to obey rules of the leaders of those beliefs well fine but those beliefs should not, must not, be allowed to affect the rest of us.

There should certainly be a right to die. If I, for example, should be unfortunate enough to contract terminal cancer what advantage is it to me or anyone else that I should linger on in a distressed state or in pain? It is no one’s business but mine. In the event that anyone ends up in a coma with no realistic chance of coming out of it then the relatives should be enabled to take the decision to allow that person to pass away.

No law, ever, should be drawn up with the assistance of or diluted by, a church or any other religious body. The right to die includes by default the right to live so if someone did not wish to claim their right to die they do not have to.

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