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The Cameron Cancer

Would you pay £47.51 for a chicken? Of course not! If the cost of chickens had increased at the same rate the same rate as house rentals over the last 30 years that is what you’d be paying.

A majority of people believe that benefits should be cut, they have swallowed the Tory lies. Housing benefit rose by £1 billion last year and you are lead to believe that it went to the lazy workshy or to single mothers or to drug addicts. In fact 98% went to people who are actually in work! The continuing shortage of housing and landlords greedily ripping off the State are the reasons behind this incredible increase; to cut benefits is to tackle the problem from completely the wrong end.

Cameron’s answer is to compel thousands of our fellow citizens to move hundreds of miles from their homes, their friends and families, and to drag children away from their schools. Under 25’s to be forced to go home to their parents after further education or training rather than starting employment (if they can find any) on low wages because they simply can’t afford a roof over their head. This is the economics of the madhouse.

The arrogance of this extremely wealthy Prime Minister beggars belief, in that he thinks that by kicking away the crutch of a cripple it will make him walk. He cannot countenance the real solution as this would possibly affect his and his rich friends grasp on the national wealth. Embark on a massive house building program which not only employs building workers but also manufacturing by way of the building materials but also every new home will need carpets, curtains, furniture, the list is almost endless, creating even more jobs. Rents to be controlled by law and the National Minimum Wage increased substantially to catch up with what it should be worth. This would also put more of the burden onto employers rather than the tax payers.

It was announced today that government borrowing for the month of May increased by £2 billion more than expected due mainly to lower tax receipts. What the hell do they expect? 2.6 million out of work and 1.4 million in part time work wishing they were in full time employment and therefore not paying any or very little income tax. This regime is a cancer spreading over our land and the only therapy that will work is to cut it out and soon.

Tax Payers Support The Royals Again

I make no apology for copying in full, the following statement from the ‘Republic’ web site. The more we know how this private family company rips us off the sooner we will get rid of them and replace them with Democracy. Now there’s a novel idea.

The bargain rent on a five bedroom Kensington Palace apartment, soon to be paid by Prince Michael of Kent, is a scandal, according to Republic.

The apartment, which also includes 5 reception rooms and 7 ‘utility’ rooms will be rented by the Kents for the price of a three bedroom flat in West London, after more than two decades of free use.

Spokesperson Graham Smith today called for a further parliamentary investigation:

“A quick search of rental properties shows the commercial rate for the palace apartment should be at least twice the price the Kents will be charged.”

“The Queen reportedly gave this apartment to the Kents as a wedding present, despite it not being hers to give.”

“For years virtually nothing was paid for this apartment, then the Queen began to pay for it at a knock down price from funds the taxpayers gave her. Now the Kents continue to benefit from the very best of family connections.”

“The palace belongs to the country. The House of Commons asked for the Kents to be evicted and for the apartments to be put on a more commercial footing. This should now happen.”

Insane World

Financial institutions are crashing around the world and governments are using taxpayers money to prop up private companies whose greed got the better of them. Not so long ago public money was again being used to ‘save’ investors in company retirement plans that crashed. Houses are being repossessed (UK) at the rate of 100 per day with worse in the USA and unemployment is steadily rising.

Roughly there is still the same amount of money in the world, there are still people needing homes to live in and people willing to engage in employment. So what has changed? The dominant global system of which we in the UK are a part, is capitalism and for that to survive it depends on a number of factors. It requires continual ever increasing production and therefore an ever expanding market to buy the products. It also needs investors to make future profits and increasingly these investors want quick short term profits.

Money, the paper and coins stuff, are all but worthless in themselves, they represent labour, work, something done by someone somewhere. Investors have money but themselves produce nothing and therefore exist by virtue of someone else’s labour. The global industry can easily supply everyone’s needs but would leave little if anything for those who wish to grab more than their share. So it follows that needs fulfilled are not enough and wants must be stimulated hence, apart from anything else, the emergence of the huge, multi £billion advertising and marketing industry. Wants become acquisitiveness which becomes greed the essential fuel of capitalism. Instead of simply enjoying living with our needs fulfilled we spend our time planning for the future, buying on credit what we cannot afford now, on the assumption that we will be able to afford the repayments way into the uncertain future. We’ve even got to the ridiculous state where mortgages are crossing over from one generation to the next!

As stated earlier money can only represent labour of some kind so when that earning power becomes so far into the future that a return on investment becomes currently worthless something has to give. The erratic cycles of ‘boom and bust’ are an inevitable part of the capitalist system but it is the ‘ordinary’ global citizen who pays the price, every time.

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