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Whilst ‘enjoying’ a wet holiday I wandered into a secondhand bookshop and picked up a novel entitled ‘Fatherland’ by Robert Harris and published in 1992. Apparently it was a best seller and I’m not at all surprised as it was fast moving and totally gripping.

DSCS0002I’m not going to give a review but it’s based on the idea of Germany having won the last war and paints a vivid picture of life in a State where surveillance and control is all but total. As the story unfolded, the realisation crept up on me of how easy it would be for this very condition to be imposed now, in our own country.

I recommend getting hold of a copy, not only for a good read but also to be aware of the dangers facing us. The price of freedom is not just vigilance but being prepared to take action before it’s too late.

State Control & Individual Freedom

Information technology, computers and the Internet like many things can be a power for good or a power for evil. The fact that I can write and publish this blog and also that I can seek for and check out knowledge from many sources must be a good thing. However, when Government harnesses I.T. for control purposes, no matter how benign their intent, then the propensity for an eventual police state exists.

When I look into the government’s National Identity Scheme (NIS), using the power of the Internet, by following links, I discover stage by stage an almost inevitable passage towards total State control of the entire population. The NIS will contain total information about each one of us from birth to death and even beyond, it will eventually be impossible to obtain employment, health care or education without it. Child benefit, pensions and all other entitlements will require the card, so resistance to the card will be virtually unavoidable. Detailed information here.

We are already the most watched society on Earth with over 20% of the total global CCTV cameras installed in the UK. There are proposals to link the London Congestion Charge cameras, the trunk road cameras and the police’s automatic car registration number plate recognition system together, so that any vehicle can be tracked, even retrospectively, from start to finish of it’s journey. Another recent Government suggestion is that all emails, ‘phone calls and texts should be recorded and held for at least two years. A private pilot scheme in Yeovil has Home Office approval whereby pub customers are photographed and finger printed and information about their behaviour is added to their file and passed to other pubs.

It is by assembling all the information of the varied Government plans and then linking them all together that I arrive at my conclusion. When the Government links (connects) all those schemes together it will have total control over us as citizens and protest and demands for freedom will then be futile. At this moment in time I believe that the Government has mistaken but benign intentions but once everything is in place it is too late in the event of a government with less honorable intent.

For our sake and for our descendants sake our only chance is to stop it before it is all in place, otherwise it will be too late. Our forebears fought, died and were imprisoned to achieve the freedom that we now have; will we shrug our shoulders, mutter “mustn’t grumble” and give away our rights and freedom? I hope not but time is very short.

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