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A Degree of Commonsense?

Why don’t they ever learn? Politicians I mean and the answer, I suspect, is that they have little or no commonsense and worse still they think that the ordinary voter doesn’t either.

Take the three main contenders for leadership of the Labour Party; all are white, male, in their 40’s, all read Philosophy, politics and economics and all of ’em did it at Oxford. I don’t know precisely but Cameron and Clegg did similar. I would like to suggest that all politicians must have a degree in commonsense but unfortunately I don’t think that commonsense can be taught, it’s something innate but develops through adversity which is something few politicians experience much of. Those that do rarely seem to rise to positions of power and perhaps why this should be so is a future topic.

The latest nonsense from Osborne and Cameron that they will ‘consult’ with the public over where cuts should be made. The public have commonsense to know that they will have no impact at all on what the government has already decided and the same goes for Labour’s ‘Great Debate’. Those in power though do not have the commonsense to see that the public sees straight through them.

Commonsense decrees that if the Soviet Union with hundreds of thousands of troops and little concern for delicacy could not defeat the Taliban then we wont so why do they continue to try at such vast human and financial cost.

Commonsense says that if we are bristling with nuclear missiles we can’t expect other nations not to want some to defend themselves against us. Commonsense says that if we get rid of them we will aid global nuclear disarmament and save ourselves hundreds of billions of Pounds into the bargain.

Commonsense says that if we stop waging war somewhere in the World, as we have done for hundreds of years, we will save more money and have less or no enemies and more friends.

If hospitals ‘under perform’ against some target and get fined for it then they will have less money for patients. Commonsense? I don’t think so.

Governments say that the top earners need huge salaries and massive bonuses as an incentive to work hard but that the rank and file can have a wage freeze or a cut to help the economy. Any commonsense there?

Commonsense said that Cameron is a much stronger character than Clegg and that if they struck a deal then big Dave would eventually walk all over Clegg and the Lib/Dems would suffer in the long run but he still went ahead. (time will tell if I’m right on that one)

I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture. What we need is a degree of commonsense but not a Degree in commonsense.

Read Watch & Get Angry

With the inevitable and regular statements that our soldiers in Afghanistan are being killed it is perhaps understandable that we fail to consider the injured. Not so surprising though as statistics or reports of injuries never seem to make it onto the news bulletins.

I came across this item on the BBC Web Site today showing the round the clock work of bringing back the injured from the conflict and of the dedication of the medical and flying teams. Nothing too gruesome of course to be seen if you discount some poor sod who has obviously had a leg amputation. Watching it made me so angry, what a disgusting waste of young lives and for what? Nothing! This so called war cannot be won, let’s face it, even the might of the old Soviet Union had to leave with it’s tail between it’s legs and they wouldn’t worry about winning hearts and minds.

For the period 1st Jan 06 – 31st Oct 08 according to the MoD web site, 508 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals and categorised as Wounded in Action, including as a result of hostile action. 1,479 UK personnel were aeromedically evacuated from Afghanistan on medical grounds, whatever the reason. No details of types of injuries are given or how many resulted in permanent disability which is of no surprise. If the public knew all the truth I wonder how complaicent they would remain.

Cold War…… Again

The USA signs deals with Poland and the Czech Republic for placing anti missile defences on their land and the UK of course is happy to have missile listening posts at Fylingdales all to protect America from a possible attack. Attack from who is unknown in reality. Iran is suggested but they are many years away from developing any possibility of reaching the US and have no reason to do so UNLESS the US forces them into it. Russia also, will feel increasingly isolated and surrounded and will undoubtedly respond by increasing it’s nuclear capability. The Cold War all over again.

The Soviet Union was defeated eventually by the vast wealth of the US paying for ever increasing arms build up and so the need for the Soviets to respond in kind but this time around the US is all but bankrupt so the risks involved in this repeated strategy are greater.

While trying to force nations such as Iran away from even nuclear power the US props up Israel and has just done a deal with India supplying it with nuclear fuel and considers (for the time being at least) Pakistan an ally. All three countries are non signatories to the nuclear non proliferation treaty and breaches of UN resolutions abound. What hypocrites!

Update: Iran test missiles and is condemed by the US and Israel for being ‘provoctative’! The US threatens Iran and Israel carries out a rehersal for an attack on Iran and nothing is said. Double hipocracy! freethinkeruk is not an apologist for Iran but let’s have just a pinch of reality and natural justice please.

How Many More

Four more of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan although to watch the news you would think it was just the first woman to die there, Cpl Sarah Bryant, the three young men are barely mentioned.

How many more of our armed forces must lose their lives before governments recall that the might of the old Soviet Union, hardly known for their kid gloves, could not defeat by force the Taliban and were thrown back, bowed and bloodied.

Why are our people so quiet about this carnage, why are there not demonstrations daily demanding an end to it? It’s beyond me. Afghanistan may well be a training ground for terrorists but if and I doubt it, Afghanistan were denied them they would find somewhere else. They cannot launch an attack from there upon us so why are we there without even a Sadham to focus on? Could it be that I seem to recall we want to build pipelines across the country?

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