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Michael Jackson RIP!

With all the horrors going on in the World at present, ranging from wars, through mass starvation to stoning young women to death, what are the headlines this morning? ‘The World Mourns the Death of Michael Jackson’ or variations on that theme. Even The Today Programme on BBC Radio4 babbled on about him for around twenty minutes.

Come on please! Keep things in perspective. He was a singer and a dancer and if you like the kind of thing that he did then he did it very well but that’s about it, he was a singer/dancer. He was also weird by any standard, had obvious mental health problems and was twice accused of child abuse. Once he paid the family off and the second time he was tried but acquitted.

Are people’s lives so emotionally repressed that they need the death of M.J. or Princess Diana to release some of that pent up energy? Sadly the answer is probably yes and even more sad is that afterwards they will return to that same oppressed state. Better surely, to recognise and fight back at the systems which have brought about this unhealthy and unnatural condition.

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