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Child Abuse

baby This is a baby, just a random photo of a baby I found on the Internet.

He could grow up to be a doctor or an architect, a famous artist or a bricklayer, an airline pilot or a fisherman. In fact he could grow up to become anything he chooses and is capable of.

prince-george-bio-photo This is another baby boy. He is called Prince George.  He could grow up to be a doctor or an architect, a famous artist or a bricklayer, an airline pilot or a fisherman. In fact he could grow up to become anything he chooses and is capable of. Except! He won’t be allowed to, he won’t have a choice at all. He will be brainwashed right from the beginning of his life to believe that there is no other choice than to become a king when he is 50, 60, 70, who knows when. Every aspect of his life will be manipulated towards this one expectation of heading the family business. Should he eventually wish to marry then he must choose from a selected group of women and even then she will be carefully vetted for suitability and in her turn trained to be the incubator of the next unfortunate for brainwashing.

Whether you believe in the monarchical system or like me a republican there can be no other words to describe the treatment baby number 2 receives as anything less than CHILD ABUSE.

Republic Day 2nd June

For all those who truly believe in democracy and who believe that we should have it here in the UK then today is your day, Republic Day. Perhaps you could do just ONE thing to help bring about this much needed change, even if it’s simply clicking the logo.


King Charles 3rd or Democracy

It never ceases to amaze me that whenever the topic of finally becoming a democracy and electing our own head of state comes up, numbers of people say “What! Imagine Tony Blair or Gordon Brown as President.”

Try to get your head around it people; We would get who the majority voted for, nothing more, nothing less and it’s called Democracy. In addition if it turned out that we didn’t like our choice then in four or five years we can vote for someone else. With a king or queen we have no choice and are stuck with them ’til they die and then we have someone else from the same family appointed to take their place. That is NOT Democracy!

Republic – New Web Site Launched

‘Republic’ The campaign for a democratically elected head of state has today launched it’s brand new web site. Even more modern looking than the old one it has interactive features, easier to navigate and even has a section for monarchists to post a good argument in favour of a monarchial system (if they can find one?)


Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Barack Obama has been inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America, quite an historical moment for a mixed race politician to be elected by the people to this high office. Immense coverage by the media was given all over the world and rightly so as the US has huge military and economic influence and power that has some effect on all of us. The hand over of power from Bush to Obama was dignified and yet somewhat low key and as such was an example of democracy at it’s best.

Obama’s speech was, as could be expected, moving in parts and looked back to America’s past struggles on the road to democracy and equality as well as looking forward to dealing with the massive problems besetting the US and the International Community. (if indeed there is such a thing)

Wouldn’t it be nice though if ‘God’ could have been kept out of? References to a supernatural power guiding and supporting any nation or President makes me squirm.

Wouldn’t it be nice also, if we in the UK had the democratic ability to elect a Head of State of our choosing? Not for us (yet) true freedom and democracy but a head of state appointed from one family purely on the basis of birth.

Tax Payers Support The Royals Again

I make no apology for copying in full, the following statement from the ‘Republic’ web site. The more we know how this private family company rips us off the sooner we will get rid of them and replace them with Democracy. Now there’s a novel idea.

The bargain rent on a five bedroom Kensington Palace apartment, soon to be paid by Prince Michael of Kent, is a scandal, according to Republic.

The apartment, which also includes 5 reception rooms and 7 ‘utility’ rooms will be rented by the Kents for the price of a three bedroom flat in West London, after more than two decades of free use.

Spokesperson Graham Smith today called for a further parliamentary investigation:

“A quick search of rental properties shows the commercial rate for the palace apartment should be at least twice the price the Kents will be charged.”

“The Queen reportedly gave this apartment to the Kents as a wedding present, despite it not being hers to give.”

“For years virtually nothing was paid for this apartment, then the Queen began to pay for it at a knock down price from funds the taxpayers gave her. Now the Kents continue to benefit from the very best of family connections.”

“The palace belongs to the country. The House of Commons asked for the Kents to be evicted and for the apartments to be put on a more commercial footing. This should now happen.”

Roll on Republic

While the economy crashes, bankruptcies rise faster than the morning sun, peoples homes are being repossessed, energy costs condemming elderly and the poor to potential hypothermia and while unemployment increases, Downing Street finds the time to re-write the law so that female Royals or Royals of any faith, can inherit the Throne and so keep within the law of human rights. Incredible but true.

Photo Rex features

Photo Rex features

What ‘human right’ allows an unelected, undemocratic person to inherit the position of head of State, with unbridled power and influence along with vast estates, palaces and castles paid for by taxpayers who can exercise no control over them. Time to change the law regarding Royals indeed, time to abolish this feudal anachronism for good.

Oh! Reports out today also suggest that the monarchy is demanding even more money from taxpayers; so around £150million per year isn’t enough then! That’s around ten times the cost of an average European President.

A Right Royal Spend-up

There is a family business in our country which has been a financial success for hundreds of years. It’s profits rise year on year and it never suffers when there is a down-turn in the economy. Being a private company it is not quoted on the Stock Exchange and yet every citizen contributes to it’s income on an annual basis amounting to over £40million. This company is wasteful of resources and yet has managed to come to an arrangement with successive Governments whereby it only pays a little tax on its enormous profit if it feels like it, on a voluntary basis.

It’s main board members pay no income or other tax on what amounts to a rollover Lottery win every few months and they publish accounts devoid of full detail and disclosures that would make a bookkeeper weep never mind a chartered accountant. This company owns vast estates, properties and businesses all over the UK and abroad and on most of them it pays no Council Tax. It is rumoured that the Chairwoman has £1million of fur coats and a private art collection worth £20million leading one to believe that security costs alone must be enormous. Amazingly this is not the case as security is paid for by the unwilling ‘investors’ in this private business, even the poorest makes a contribution.

Seem like a good thing to get into? You bet, the only trouble is you have to be born into it or marry someone in it. Once in though you will have enormous power and influence, be unaccountable to anyone, no one can vote you out and you will live in luxury ’til the end of your days when you can pass it on to your children.

Wot! No Royal Yacht?The Company of course is The House of Windsor; Chairwoman, The Queen, M.D., Prince Phillip plus mutiple board members.

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