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Time to End ‘Faith’ Schools?

Amendments proposed by Ed Balls to the Children, Schools and Families Bill will allow ‘faith’ schools to more or less opt out of the requirements on sex education that will apply to all the State schools.

These schools will have to teach children aged seven to 11 about relationships including marriage, same sex and civil partnerships, divorce and separation and Secondary school students are to learn about sexual activity, reproduction, contraception and same sex relationships. So far so good but there is a but, a very large but. The teachers in these schools can then go on to say for example, that in our religion using condoms is wrong and sinful and we ban their use. They can say that homosexual relationships are an abomination to God and that in some parts of the world where our religion is practiced they are killed for it. It doesn’t take a genius to see where this could lead.

I guess in a democracy it would be virtually impossible to ban faith schools but there is no reason that they should be funded by the state. It is time, surely, that state funding should be withdrawn and those that want to educate their children in weird beliefs should pay for this dubious privilege.

Dangerous Pope

High on a plane flying over Africa below which were millions of people suffering and dying from AIDS the Pope again stated that using condoms was against the Roman Catholic Church teaching. Fidelity and abstinence was the answer.

What a nutter! It’s like telling the incoming tide to go out instead. Given that there are huge numbers of catholics in Africa this idiot must be personally responsible for incalculable numbers of deaths, misery and orphans. Once again the church uses sex in it’s game of control.

The sooner religions disappear from the face of the earth the better for everyone but it’ll be a long wait, sadly.

Worship at Schools

A head teacher at a primary school in Sheffield found herself in the middle of a protest when she wanted to introduce a single act of worship rather than the separate assemblies that were happening before her arrival two years ago. Parents complained about her intention to scrap separate assemblies for Muslim pupils and the head teacher, Julia Robinson, has now resigned.

Two issues emerge from this. Firstly, should there be separate acts of worship for various religious groups? I think not as this will engender feelings of difference rather community and this born out by the education act 1944 which states that a single act of worship be carried out each day and mainly of a Christian nature. Parents though have the right to opt out and keep their children away from this assembly and of course maintain a ‘difference’.

A more fundamental question would be; should our children be subjected to an act of worship at all? The job of our schools is to educate and so, yes, they should be informed about all the different religions and their practices. They should not though be indoctrinated into any religious practice.

I hope the time will soon come when our education system will make a fundamental change and become purely secular and teach only what is known to be true.

Homophobic Pope

Well here’s a natural follow on from my post of yesterday.

“Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.”

According to the Pope homosexuality and transexualality could bring about the destruction of the world. What planet is this guy living on? Trans gender orientation has been around since the beginning of life and so far the world seems to be intact. Religion in it’s various guises is more likely to bring about the destruction of the world and seems to be well on the way to achieving this at the present moment in history.

His statement will do absolutely nothing to change the way people are, or how they act but almost certainly will generate an excuse for homophobic violence against gay, lesbian, transsexual and trans-gender people. Yet another example of religion trying to turn back the clock and keep people in fear and under the control of religious leaders. Time to look again perhaps, at the quotation on my previous post?

Leave Our Kids Alone

One can’t but help notice at this time of the year young school children dressing up as middle Eastern shepherds of a couple of thousand years ago and also as strange beings with wings! A virgin who has had a baby….What! As if this wasn’t enough three kings who ride camels and ‘follow’ a star, yeh right!

This nonsense is actually taught by our teachers in our State schools and then just a few short years later they are expected to study science and mathematics, arrive at facts which are verifyable by experiement, learn the origins of the Universe and Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Personally I would abolish all faith schools but we should certainly ban teaching of any religious fables in our State education system.  There must be a clear separation between Religion and the State including the role of the monarch as head of the Church of England before we can have true freedom.

I can’t for the life of me recall at the moment who’s quote this is but:-

“There can be no freedom until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

Now that might be going a bit far but I get the sentiment behind it.

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