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Red Poppy Remembrance Scam

7f7b62a06ac86f36924fd6fccd32ad38 Here we go again ‘wear your poppy with pride, remember, lest we forget’ and other such jingoistic entreaties. Out trot the masses to chuck a few coins in a tin, pin on the poppy replica and walk away thinking ‘I’ve done my bit’ when actually they are just another sheep running with the flock. The Remembrance Sunday do in London will be carried out with all solemnity and pageantry choreographed to perfection as it is every year and few will notice that it represents in microcosm the conducts of the wars they pretend to remember. The massed ranks of military personnel, past and present (& don’t miss the Chelsea Pensioners,”Arh bless ’em” brought in for a bit of colour and to tug at the patriotic heartstrings) who will stand for hours, perform their attentions and marching on cue whether they are freezing cold or soaking wet before finally getting get a mug of hot tea and making their journey back in the following hours. Meanwhile the royals, the politicians, the military top brass will arrive just in time to perform their wreath laying with sad solemn faces before walking stiffly away to their clubs, offices, pubs, for a double Scotch and a warm up to discuss the Sunday papers or, in the case of the royals to wave briefly at the adoring crowds from a balcony at Buckingham Palace.

So it is with all wars, rich men sending young men out to die protecting their wealth.

If we’re going to remember let us remember what we know from history, not the myth of our lads going bravely over the top for king and country but that the choice they had was go over when the whistle blew to take a chance on survival or the certainty that if they didn’t obey their own officers would shoot them there and then or have them taken away for a perfunctory court martial and shot at dawn by their mates who, if they didn’t, would be shot themselves. I would argue the really brave ones were those said they will not kill, the conscientious objectors, who suffered terribly for their stand. Let us recall too that the UK, France and the USA following the end of WW1 stole the resources of Germany, the iron, steel and coal leaving the German people destitute and starving that soon paved the way for the rise of Hitler, Nazism and WW2.

Coming more up to date let us remember the war against Iraq to seize back control of the oil fields to feed the greed of the richest in the West. Let us remember the war in Afghanistan yet another war for greed and a natural gas pipeline running from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan and so bypassing Russia.  Can’t have a pipeline that the Taliban would be likely to blow up!

Let us also be aware that we are one of the evil nations of the World that supply weapons for others to kill millions just for the rich man’s profit.

Whenever there is a war there is no problem finding Billions of Pounds to fight it, there is no problem finding Billions to prepare for the next war, because there always is one, war is profitable, so there should be no problem in finding the money to care for those who are damaged in fighting those wars. The only problem is that the rich men, the faceless corporations who benefit, want the people to fight for them, to die for them on the cheap.

I remember but I don’t wear that damned poppy.

Wootton Bassett Circus

I often feel as though I’m like that little boy in the story who could see through the lie of the  ‘King’s new suit of clothes’ and that he was in fact, naked.

As the number of coffins passing through the Wiltshire town of Wootton Bassett became a regular occurrence a few shopkeepers and others stood in silence as they passed by and fair enough. As this became a news item the numbers of people have increased into the thousands with most coming from miles away. Media cameras can be seen poised on high points and helicopters relaying back the spectacle. Teenaged girls wailing and hugging their boyfriends, conveniantly near to microphones and cameras and couldn’t even shut up for the 1 minute silence. BBC24 managed to cover the event for several hours non stop. Glowing tributes are read out by commanding officers for each and every soldier who gets killed and it seems to me that if you want to survive it’s best to be a complete arsehole that nobody likes because they never seem to die. The hype goes on.

It all seems to me to link in with the final paragraph that I wrote concerning Michael Jackson and the sense of powerlessness that people have. Most don’t think for themselves but swallow the lie about our military dying to prevent the Taliban coming down a high street nearby. Young men mostly join the Army because they can’t get a job, think themselves immortal and believe they will have a life of adventure. They don’t expect to come back in a box driven through Wooton Bassett.

The people of this nation are not powerless unless they allow themselves to be. If we stuck together and demanded change, demanded better education for all our children, demanded useful employment and demanded an end to us fighting wars in some part of the World for centuaries, then we would get it. The establishment stick together, the capitalists, the monarchy, the arms manufacturers and dealers, the agro-chemical companies and so on, they all stick together and they get what they want. It’s the majority who suffer because we forget that we are indeed the majority and if we choose to have the power then it is ours. Will it happen though? I doubt it and our dead young men will continue to pass through Wootton Bassett.

Read Watch & Get Angry

With the inevitable and regular statements that our soldiers in Afghanistan are being killed it is perhaps understandable that we fail to consider the injured. Not so surprising though as statistics or reports of injuries never seem to make it onto the news bulletins.

I came across this item on the BBC Web Site today showing the round the clock work of bringing back the injured from the conflict and of the dedication of the medical and flying teams. Nothing too gruesome of course to be seen if you discount some poor sod who has obviously had a leg amputation. Watching it made me so angry, what a disgusting waste of young lives and for what? Nothing! This so called war cannot be won, let’s face it, even the might of the old Soviet Union had to leave with it’s tail between it’s legs and they wouldn’t worry about winning hearts and minds.

For the period 1st Jan 06 – 31st Oct 08 according to the MoD web site, 508 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals and categorised as Wounded in Action, including as a result of hostile action. 1,479 UK personnel were aeromedically evacuated from Afghanistan on medical grounds, whatever the reason. No details of types of injuries are given or how many resulted in permanent disability which is of no surprise. If the public knew all the truth I wonder how complaicent they would remain.

Military Compensation

Make no mistake, freethinkeruk has the highest respect for our armed forces but not for the uses, in general, they are used, Iraq and Afghanistan for example. Presumably in an attempt to stem the numbers of personnel leaving the forces the government has announced a doubling of compensation for injuries received while on active service, up to £570,000 PLUS an income for life.

If one volunteers to join the military then surely it must be obvious that it’s not all skiing, mountaineering and sailing? There is the possibility of injury and even death and the risks go with the job as with say, a coal miner or a building worker and many other forms of employment. In the event of injury or disablement received in action (or not) then the State will provide health care through the NHS and will if needed, provide care for life as with any citizen.

Compensation is not paid to anyone else for just doing the job for which they are paid. If you sign up for military life you sign up knowing and accepting the risks, if you don’t like the risk don’t sign on the dotted line. Yes, if compensation was removed rather than increased it would almost certainly mean less people joining the forces and would that be such a bad thing? Perhaps we would then have a defensive force and not one fighting wars for capitalism in other peoples lands.

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