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A Conservative King

The Princes Trust set up by Prince Charles presumably to raise his profile and give him something to do whilst waiting for his mother to slip off the throne and drift peacefully away into a gold plated heaven has also been fund raising for the Tory’s.

imagesYes, according to an investigation by The Mail on Sunday, The Trust arranged a joint fund raising event in the House of Commons no less, the other beneficiary being ‘Women2Win’ which aims to increase the number of Tory women MP’s at the next election. Twenty guests were apparently willing to cough up £1675 each to meet Margaret Thatcher. Now if freethinkeruk had that kind of spare cash he might be tempted to go along, provided he could throw green custard at the old witch but not just to meet her. Anyway, back to the plot. For a charity to make political donations is illegal, so now that Charlie’s trust has been found out the money will have to be repaid but that still leaves the question of a king wannabe who is supposed to be apolitical, funding one party. In addition it is against the rules of Parliament to hold party fundraising in the Palace of Westminster. Still, if you are a monarch in waiting you probably think you’re above such silly rules and laws.


A Man With A Plan

David Cameron gave his speech to the party faithful yesterday and although it was a pretty downbeat message it also sent a shiver down my spine. Aligning himself with Margaret Thatcher he sees himself in her shoes (tight fit?) over social change as she was over economic change.

Rembering as I do, the horrors and destruction that Thatcher wrought among our nation, it strikes almost terror in my heart even thinking what she, in the guise of Cameron, could do to the social fabric of our society. He said that he was ‘a man with a plan, but what plan? Precious little detail emerged apart from the obvious Tory tax cuts for corporations and inheritance tax along with a two year freeze, in some instances, on council taxes, which can only lead to more cuts in services. Stung by Gordon Brown as a ‘novice’ it was indeed as a novice he appeared.

Although I am disillusioned somewhat by Gordon Brown and New Labour, yesterdays speech served to make me realise what the alternative would be and in that light G.B. & N.L. don’t seem so bad.

Brown ‘bashed’

In yesterday’s by-election in Crewe and Nantwich the Conservatives took control. There is little doubt that the electors wanted to give Gordon Brown a ‘good hiding’ which is understandable and being a Socialist I have little affection for our leader.

However, he is getting the blame for fast rising fuel and food prices, products over which he has little control. To gain popular support he could reduce the fuel duty by, let us say, 50p per litre but this wouldn’t slow the increases and would leave a huge hole in the State finances which would have to be filled by other taxes and so back to square one. So what could he do? Well, he could get us out of the mess, created by his predecessor, in Iraq & Afghanistan and also reduce our military to purely defensive numbers. This would save many billions of Pounds. He could cancel the totally useless Trident replacement programme and save at least £65billion on current estimates and impose a ‘windfall tax on the oil companies whose profits are rising exponentially, not through any extra endevour but due to market prices. Scope there then to ease the pain, particularly for rural voters who have no choice at all other than to drive.

It’s all too easy to forget life under the Conservatives and Margaret Thatcher, so let’s hope this kick up the backside is just that and not translated into a General Election victory for ‘New Tory’.

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