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A couple of weeks ago a 94 year old German man was found guilty of ‘assisting’ in the murder of thousands at Auschwitz. He was an 18 year old soldier clerk and if he had refused to do his job he would have been shot and someone else appointed.
The time to resist is not when you have to choose between life and death but when the dark forces of right wing racism, xenophobia, greed and hatred are on the rise. When a man (or woman), in this case Jeremy Corbyn, show the way that a better nation, a better way and a better future is possible then the least we should do is to support him even more so when many would pull him down, They may say it is ‘Realpolitik’ we need someone else in order to get elected, someone like Tony Blair perhaps, that resulted in millions dying and many millions more lives ruined.
It’s risky, of course it is, and he and we may lose an election but terrible though that would be it is far better to have taken a stand, to say ‘No! Up with this I will not put’!
You can resist the darkness in little ways by refusing to buy or read xenophobic papers like the Sun and The Daily Mail or Express and email the editors to say you wont. If you see a UKIP/BNP/Britain First stall in your town you can, if you have the courage to, confront them, politely with a smile looking for the humanity that is somewhere inside them.
Sometime in the future you will then be able to look your children in their face and say “I did all that I could, as soon as I could.”

Thank You Nye

Happy 60th Birthday to the NHS. Without this man, Aneurin Bevan, a ‘real’ Labour Party MP and Minister, our National Health Service would not have come into being. He fought the powers of privilege and self interest to bring health care, free at the point of delivery to every man, woman and child in our country. Happily for us all he was the right man, in the right place, at the right time with courage in abundance.

The powers of privilege and self interest are not defeated they are simply more devious and some are within ‘New’ Labour as well as of course the Tory Party. Nye Bevan fought for us to bring us the NHS and it now falls to all of us to fight for it’s continuing survival. We must ensure that no further privatisation takes place and to reverse those that have. Nye had a Socialist vision and showed that it can work. Thank you Nye.

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