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Brown Keeps it Secret

It can only be a week ago that Gordon Brown promised there would be a change in the way that he and  his government operates. More openness, more transparency, more accountability was his cry. Hooray we said, the leopard can change it’s spots or at least that’s what we hoped, whilst mostly unsuccessfully holding back the doubts.

So here we are digesting the long awaited announcement of an inquiry into the lead up to the Iraq invasion. Same old recognisable leopard, the one that creeps about shrouded in the darkness of secrecy. An inquiry committee selected from the Privy Council, that unaccountable bunch of the establishment appointed by the unaccountable Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. Nothing in public, evidence not given under oath, no one forced to give evidence, no one to be blamed for anything, not even hundreds of thousands of deaths and the report not to be released until after the general election.

Yet another secret non event, as I suggest there will be little new to actually be published and the average blogger or political commentator could probably write the report for them now and save them the trouble and expense.

Brown had his chance of some new spots and blew it and whitewash certainly wont cover them up.


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