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Prostitution Bill

Jackie Smith the Home Secretary is to introduce a Bill making it an offence to have sex with a prostitute ‘who is controlled by a pimp’. It will not be a defence for the punter to say he didn’t know.

Politicians don’t live in the real world and even the police say this proposal will be all but impossible to handle. Prostitution has been around since human kind first stood upright and probably even before then. It doesn’t matter what laws are passed it cannot be stopped and the illegality of it only serves to make life more dangerous for the women.

If the politicians truly have the women’s interest at heart, as they say they do, then for goodness sake simply legalise the profession and licence brothels. The women are then protected, the pimps are out of work, the exchequer benefits from taxation and sexual health for those involved can be safer.

Yes there would be an outcry at such an idea from the usual suspects such as the churches but once implemented the real benefits would soon become apparent and it would all die down. Politicians should lead and not follow, otherwise what is the point of them?

ID Cards

A week or so ago I heard Jackie Smith the Home Secretary say on Radio 4 that a majority of people in the UK are in favour of Identity Cards. I found this somewhat surprising and certainly interested in where this supposed ‘fact’ came from so I emailed the Home Office and asked for the evidence of this statement.

It transpires that a survey was carried out involving 2135 people randomly selected in various parts of the country. That means one here and one there and two thousand people can hardly be called representative of the entire country. The questions asked were, in my opinion, angled to get the result that was wanted i.e. in favour of a massive increase in Government surveillance and control. Indeed they got what they wanted if you add together those who said they are strongly in favour and those who are slightly in favour.

Click here to see the results for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

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