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Help The Home Office

Jackie Smith and the Home Office want ISP’s to keep records of all emails sent and received for at least six months and the government is willing to waste more of our money on paying them to do so. It is said that the contents of the emails wont be logged but surely it’s only a matter of time before that requirement is brought in going by this government’s progressive surveillance measures.

Now, this is not my idea but someone apparently suggested it on Radio 2. Why don’t we all help the Home Office and cut out the middle men i.e. the ISP’s, by simply inserting c.c. on each of our, probably boring, emails.

This will surely help matters or maybe the Home Office will be unable to cope with this electronic traffic and realise they should keep their noses out of our affairs and drop this proposed intrusion.

ID Cards

A week or so ago I heard Jackie Smith the Home Secretary say on Radio 4 that a majority of people in the UK are in favour of Identity Cards. I found this somewhat surprising and certainly interested in where this supposed ‘fact’ came from so I emailed the Home Office and asked for the evidence of this statement.

It transpires that a survey was carried out involving 2135 people randomly selected in various parts of the country. That means one here and one there and two thousand people can hardly be called representative of the entire country. The questions asked were, in my opinion, angled to get the result that was wanted i.e. in favour of a massive increase in Government surveillance and control. Indeed they got what they wanted if you add together those who said they are strongly in favour and those who are slightly in favour.

Click here to see the results for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

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