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Energy Help

With a fanfare the Government today announces a wonderful ‘deal’ with the energy companies. They are going to provide home insulation for the very elderly and those on benefits and so assist in reducing their bills. Well freethinkeruk can’t speak for anyone else but I have been getting information from my supplier (EDF) for some time offering just such a deal. Cynic that I am I can’t help but think this latest announcement is just an old agreement dusted off and presented as a breakthrough.

The estimated cost to the suppliers is around £1billion and as I said in a previous post, the suppliers will get this, or a windfall tax back from their customers one way or another. When pressed in an interview Hillary Benn (I can’t believe Tony is his dad) admitted that we will all pay about an extra £35 per year to cover this expenditure. QED!

Badgers Saved from Slaughter

A fascinating and beautiful animal that has long been a part of the British countryside and the subject of many a children’s book has been saved.

Known to be a carrier of Bovine T.B. but with no definitive evidence that they are responsible for passing it to cattle, farmers have campaigned for their extermination. Scientific studies have shown that even a total cull (euphamism for killing every badger.) would have only a slight effect on cattle infections. It should be noted that other creatures also carry bovine T.B. such as voles.

Hillary Benn the Environment Secretary will announce on Monday that a mass slaughter will not now take place and that other ways to control the spread of Bovine T.B. will be investigated. Three cheers for common sense from this Government for a change.

Update. Friday 4-7-08 pm. Farmer’s Union says it will fight in the Courts to overturn the ruling.

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