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Heathrow Boss

After near chaos at Heathrow Airport for some days the boss of the airport, Colin Matthews, has rightly decided not to take his bonus this year.

The question arises though what kind of bonus is automatic regardless of performance? Surely any automatic bonus is in fact salary. Bonus schemes in commerce and industry for ‘ordinary’ employees would immediately be stopped in the event that targets were not met. How is it that┬áColin Matthews can choose not to take his extra wedge and is there no one who can say he can’t have this payout and if not, why not.

So many questions, so few answers!


Heathrow Runway

What really gets freethinkeruk’s goat is that this Government and previous ones, treat us as idiots. Business secretary John Hutton, said that the government might take “difficult decisions on airport expansion”. Meaning, of course, a third runway for Heathrow.

No surprise that the new Planning Bill is soon to come into force doing away with proper Public Enquiries and decisions made by an unelected QUANGO. Freethinkeruk takes no credit for spotting this intention, it was staring everyone in the face, I merely stated the obvious on 24th June along with many others and what difference did it make? None! The Government continues to act as though we’re all fools and can’t see their step by step manipulation of Parliament and rides rough shod over hard won rights and democracy.

Planning Bill

The Government’s Planning Bill moves into it’s final stages this week along with more losses of democracy. If passed (almost certain) then when major ‘developments’ are proposed consultation will take place, organised by the developer and run by the developer! Objections in writing will be accepted and at a public meeting questions can be asked but no cross questioning allowed. After that the Infrastructure Planning Commission – an independent body will take the decision. Freethinkeruk note: ‘independant my ar..!

So if they want to build a nuclear power station in Chipping Sodbury or anywhere else or yet another runway at Heathrow we will be able to write a letter, ask a question and then they go ahead and do it. Another nail in the coffin of democracy and accountability.

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