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Our Election Humiliation

Well, that’s it, the General Election date is finally to be announced today. The date when we, the electorate, shall decide to whom we will lend our power for the next probable five years. Yes, our power, as citizens in a supposedly free and democratic society.

Before this can happen though our elected Prime Minister must go to Buckingham Palace and ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament in order for the election to take place. It is a national humiliation that the permission, even if somewhat symbolically, of an unelected, undemocratic, Head of State who is only there by virtue of being born into one particular family, should be sort.

If we elect a party with an overall majority then the Government is not effective until the Monarch has given her approval and in the event of a ‘hung Parliament’ again it is the Queen who ‘invites’ one Party to form the Government. In addition it is through the Monarch’s Privy Council that powers that we, the people, did not give to the Prime Minister of the day are wielded. It is time to embrace true democracy and end our humiliation.

Freedom Diminished

A couple of days ago the Commons voted for restrictions to the Freedom of Information Act so that senior members of the Royal family are exempt for FOI requests. This is a disaster for democracy.

Should this Bill make it through the process and let’s hope it fails of course, then we will not know what lobbying Prince Charles, for example, has been doing on behalf of his architectural preferences or some of his other crack pot schemes. We will not know if Government decisions are being made in the interests of the people or of the Royals.

As long as we have an unelected and hereditary head of state then Royals should be subject to more scrutiny not less.

Act of Succession

A private members bill is to be debated today in Parliament, which if passed into law (unlikely) would make it possible for catholics to inherit the crown and become head of state. The bill also proposes to abolish discrimination against females in line for the throne.

Well, quite right too, this is the 21st centuary after all is said and done and fairness, equality without any discrimination should prevail.

Hang on though! If we agree and I can’t imagine anyone of sound mind disagreeing, that ‘fairness, equality without any discrimination should prevail’ then obviously the head of state should be elected to that position. In that same spirit of course, the Queen or her heirs could also stand for election.

Republic – New Web Site Launched

‘Republic’ The campaign for a democratically elected head of state has today launched it’s brand new web site. Even more modern looking than the old one it has interactive features, easier to navigate and even has a section for monarchists to post a good argument in favour of a monarchial system (if they can find one?)


Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Barack Obama has been inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America, quite an historical moment for a mixed race politician to be elected by the people to this high office. Immense coverage by the media was given all over the world and rightly so as the US has huge military and economic influence and power that has some effect on all of us. The hand over of power from Bush to Obama was dignified and yet somewhat low key and as such was an example of democracy at it’s best.

Obama’s speech was, as could be expected, moving in parts and looked back to America’s past struggles on the road to democracy and equality as well as looking forward to dealing with the massive problems besetting the US and the International Community. (if indeed there is such a thing)

Wouldn’t it be nice though if ‘God’ could have been kept out of? References to a supernatural power guiding and supporting any nation or President makes me squirm.

Wouldn’t it be nice also, if we in the UK had the democratic ability to elect a Head of State of our choosing? Not for us (yet) true freedom and democracy but a head of state appointed from one family purely on the basis of birth.

Paki Raghead?

Prince Harry our third in-line to become our unelected Head of State calls one of his collegues a ‘Paki’ and another who wears a turban a ‘Raghead’ and wears a Swastika to a fancy dress party. These are just three stupidities that hit the headlines.This is what you get when you leave democracy and accountability behind.

Of course the Royal propaganda machine swings into action, ably supported by the BBC, suggesting that oh this was three years ago, maybe his collegue even suggested himself being called ‘Paki’! Of course he did, just like the English in Australia suggest being called ‘Pommie Bastards.’

End of Year Hypocrisy

Well, here we are again, almost Christmas Day and if you can be bothered (I won’t) you can listen to the Queen’s message in the afternoon.

queenIt will be the usual mix of unpaid for advertising for the House of Windsor, a few bits of personal stuff to curry a little favour and even some sympathy and a statement of how she ‘understands’ the problems that befall the people in the wake of the current financial crisis. She will then leave the studio and bowing producer and technicians, accompanied by her flunkies and get into her chauffeur driven car surrounded by bodyguards and police and drive off to one of her enormous palaces. There, waited on hand foot and finger and surrounded by priceless works of art, paid for by the citizens, she will kick off her shoes, stretch out on a couch saying “Philip, one does hope that democracy doesn’t catch on and the people demand to elect their Head of State!” “That really would be an ‘annus horribilis’!”

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