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‘Do’ God!

It’s a funny twisted world of politics we have to survive in isn’t it? Baroness Warsi the Chair of the Tory Party and herself a Muslim (no bias here then) has said that the coalition “does God” unlike the Labour Party. She said that ‘Labour acted as if faith was confined to “oddities, foreigners and minorities’.

Hmm! Interesting! Let’s have a closer look. There’s quite a few ‘odd’ faiths around,¬†Jehovah’s¬†Witnesses and Mormons spring easily to mind. ‘Foreigners’ and their offspring make up a large proportion of the Eastern faiths along with Catholics from Eastern Europe. Figures also show that less than 10% of our population regularly attend a church, mosque, synagogue etc so that is definitely a ‘minority’. QED

Tony Blair despite being as close to a war criminal as you can get without being convicted, is a ‘devout’ Christian and a convert to Roman Catholicism. On the other hand David Cameron said his faith “is a bit like the reception for Magic FM in the Chilterns, it sort of comes and goes”. Nick Clegg is an atheist.

One can’t help but wonder if the coalition ‘does God’ because the ‘Big Society’ will require unpaid volunteers and the religions are always keen to get involved as a way of peddling their beliefs.


Act of Succession

A private members bill is to be debated today in Parliament, which if passed into law (unlikely) would make it possible for catholics to inherit the crown and become head of state. The bill also proposes to abolish discrimination against females in line for the throne.

Well, quite right too, this is the 21st centuary after all is said and done and fairness, equality without any discrimination should prevail.

Hang on though! If we agree and I can’t imagine anyone of sound mind disagreeing, that ‘fairness, equality without any discrimination should prevail’ then obviously the head of state should be elected to that position. In that same spirit of course, the Queen or her heirs could also stand for election.

Homophobic Pope

Well here’s a natural follow on from my post of yesterday.

“Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.”

According to the Pope homosexuality and transexualality could bring about the destruction of the world. What planet is this guy living on? Trans gender orientation has been around since the beginning of life and so far the world seems to be intact. Religion in it’s various guises is more likely to bring about the destruction of the world and seems to be well on the way to achieving this at the present moment in history.

His statement will do absolutely nothing to change the way people are, or how they act but almost certainly will generate an excuse for homophobic violence against gay, lesbian, transsexual and trans-gender people. Yet another example of religion trying to turn back the clock and keep people in fear and under the control of religious leaders. Time to look again perhaps, at the quotation on my previous post?

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