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God Won’t Help Us

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has said that God will not intervene to protect us from global warming and associated disasters even the “ultimate tragedy” of humanity gradually “choked, drowned, or starved by its own stupidity.”

Oh Dear! There was me relying on a divine breath of fresh air to blow away all the carbon dioxide and re-freeze the  arctic and antarctic seas to lower the levels. Better have another think then!

Wind Turbines

It seems that it doesn’t matter in which part of the country you live, as soon as a proposal is put in for planning consent to build wind turbines there is immediately a local campaign set up to oppose them.

In some cases of course there are indeed good reasons for opposition and a perfect example would be the plan (now scrapped thankfully) to build a 420ft turbine at the Eden Project in Cornwall. This turbine at twice the height of Nelson’s Column would be seen for miles in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. By the way, the Eden Project is a registered charity and has gobbled up huge grants from the Lottery and other sources but is in fact a massive tourist attraction which is probably why they wanted to erect a record breaking turbine.

As a nation we need energy and we need to reduce our carbon emissions and wind generated energy does both. Yes, the wind does not always blow but it usually blows somewhere in the UK so electricity production can be almost continuous. Wave and tidal movement is continuous although conditions obviously pose problems to be solved and ‘clean’ coal fired power stations may also contribute to our needs.

One thing is certain though, if wind powered generation is opposed and rejected at the rate that it is then the Government will have a perfect excuse to say that nuclear power is essential. Now what would you rather have near you, a windmill or a nuclear power station? These in fact create carbon emissions in the mining and extraction of uranium along with huge health problems for those involved who are mostly in the developing world. The risks of a nuclear accident are real, remember Three Mile Island, Windscale, Chernobyl. The radioactive waste must be managed for upwards of 5,000 years and so committing hundreds of generations to vast cost and risk.

When a wind farm proposal comes up near us let’s stop and think for a moment before jumping on the anti campaign. After all, they are really quite beautiful in a modern sculpture sort of way.

Wind Turbines

At a public meeting called by the Parish Council in Davidstow, Cornwall, yesterday there was overwhelming opposition to a proposal to erect 20 wind turbines on a brown field site on Bodmin Moor. In fact only one person spoke in favour out of 150 people present.
These turbines would generate enough electricity for 9,000 homes and stop the emission of about 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Apparently the main cause for concern was the possible effect on wildlife.

How short sighted can people get? Reducing carbon emissions thus helping to slow and hopefully eventually turning back global warming must surely be beneficial to wildlife.  Animals and birds quickly learn to adapt to changes in their landscape. For example we’re all used to seeing birds sitting on power lines, they do not sit astride or alongside the insulators and electrocute themselves do they?

There was a time when Britain was practically wall to wall windmills for corn grinding and industrial use and the wildlife simply adapted so why should modern designed wind turbines be any more of a threat. They may be bigger but they don’t turn appreciably faster.

What these nimbys and Luddites fail to grasp is, that if we fail in our efforts to supply electricity through renewable means then the Government will be most happy to provide nuclear power stations instead. How about one of those on Bodmin Moor?

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