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EU Chicken

It’s almost unbelievable I know but the Government (DEFRA) is actually proposing to allow an increase in the numbers of chickens in battery farms per square metre. They are already so tightly packed that their legs collapse, their lungs give out and their hearts fail. It is already a disgusting 17 birds per square metre and the proposal is to add two more.

The government excuse is that we will come inline with EU regulations. This is no excuse at all and DEFRA should obviously be demanding an improved EU standard. As a result of a previous campaign to improve the lot of chickens,, sales of free range birds have increased by 42% which shows that the British people have compassion and the Government should have the same.


If you are a outraged as me and want to protest to the Minister then just click the hens. hens


Tesco’s Torture!

At Tesco’s AGM today a motion was lost requiring the company to ensure that chickens produced on its behalf were either free range or at least conformed to the requirements of the RSPCA. Tesco is the only major supermarket not to at least conform to this minimum standard. It’s argument is that it would require major restructuring and put up the price of chickens. So sod the poor birds who live out their short lives in appalling conditions.

The motion put to the meeting was instigated by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall a TV chef with a deep concern for animal welfare and assisted by other chefs including Jamie Oliver and by large numbers of the public who contributed to the cost of getting the motion put on the agenda (Over £70,000). He was hoping to persuede the institutional investors to support him but they, unsurprisingly, put profits over tortured animals.

So far around 150,000 people have signed up to agreeing not to knowingly buy or eat  battery chickens. So I guess it’s up to us to bring about change and it’s quite easy really; don’t shop in Tesco until they change. You can also sign up to the Campaign by clicking below.

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