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Good News for a Change

After decades of marching, demonstrating, writing to the press and politicians as well as taking part in non violent resistance and finally (well almost) becoming a somewhat disillusioned grumpy old man I have come across some good news for a change.

The Human Security Brief report 2007 continues to show a real decrease in wars and an increase in peaceful resolutions to disputes. Also and perhaps surprisingly, the Russian military have accepted the Alternatives to Violence Project to work with their armed forces in an attempt to cut down on violent bullying within their ranks, particularly with regard to new recruits who have been conscripted in. source

Of course non of this is down to my efforts of the past forty years or so but it is down to millions of people world wide who spent even just a little time and effort saying ‘NO’ to war, violence, greed and injustice. There’s a long way to go but at least a substancial start has been made and can inspire us all to keep up the pressure on those who have the power for change.

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