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The £12m Pope

So, the Pope is to visit our shores next week and the cost of the security is going to hit our hard pressed taxpayers to the tune of £12million or put another way the approximate cost of building 120 new homes for our homeless.

You may have heard the argument that this expenditure is acceptable as this is a ‘State Visit’ as the Vatican City is nominally considered to be such an entity. The fact is that this was a ruse during the 2nd World War to ensure that this little tiny area of Italy was protected from bombing or occupation because of it’s wealth of art treasures and architecture by becoming ‘neutral’.

This guy tells his followers not to use condoms even if that means they get HIV/AIDS. He is the head of an organisation that preaches poverty and self sacrifice and yet has unimaginable wealth and riches. He heads an organisation that attracts paedophiles  like bees to a honey pot and when they surface either conspires to prevent them coming to justice or turns a blind eye.

Let him pay for his own security.

Update: The cost now expected to be £17m!

Dangerous Pope

High on a plane flying over Africa below which were millions of people suffering and dying from AIDS the Pope again stated that using condoms was against the Roman Catholic Church teaching. Fidelity and abstinence was the answer.

What a nutter! It’s like telling the incoming tide to go out instead. Given that there are huge numbers of catholics in Africa this idiot must be personally responsible for incalculable numbers of deaths, misery and orphans. Once again the church uses sex in it’s game of control.

The sooner religions disappear from the face of the earth the better for everyone but it’ll be a long wait, sadly.

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