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Here We Go Again

Another BBC presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, has been recorded in Australia referring to the Prime Minister as a “One eyed, Scottish Idiot.” Off they go, the pc army, those largely self appointed representatives of the disabled joining forces with the Scots.

imagesAll right what he said doesn’t sound very friendly does it but let’s take it apart a bit. ‘One eyed’ is a fact although I can never quite decide which is which. ‘Scottish,’ well he is Scottish; ‘idiot’ well that’s a bit iffy and depends on your point of view but Clarkson obviously thinks so.

We must accept that people whether in the public eye or not must be allowed to say what they think or we will end up in a sanitised, controlled, boring world.


Wind Turbines

It seems that it doesn’t matter in which part of the country you live, as soon as a proposal is put in for planning consent to build wind turbines there is immediately a local campaign set up to oppose them.

In some cases of course there are indeed good reasons for opposition and a perfect example would be the plan (now scrapped thankfully) to build a 420ft turbine at the Eden Project in Cornwall. This turbine at twice the height of Nelson’s Column would be seen for miles in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. By the way, the Eden Project is a registered charity and has gobbled up huge grants from the Lottery and other sources but is in fact a massive tourist attraction which is probably why they wanted to erect a record breaking turbine.

As a nation we need energy and we need to reduce our carbon emissions and wind generated energy does both. Yes, the wind does not always blow but it usually blows somewhere in the UK so electricity production can be almost continuous. Wave and tidal movement is continuous although conditions obviously pose problems to be solved and ‘clean’ coal fired power stations may also contribute to our needs.

One thing is certain though, if wind powered generation is opposed and rejected at the rate that it is then the Government will have a perfect excuse to say that nuclear power is essential. Now what would you rather have near you, a windmill or a nuclear power station? These in fact create carbon emissions in the mining and extraction of uranium along with huge health problems for those involved who are mostly in the developing world. The risks of a nuclear accident are real, remember Three Mile Island, Windscale, Chernobyl. The radioactive waste must be managed for upwards of 5,000 years and so committing hundreds of generations to vast cost and risk.

When a wind farm proposal comes up near us let’s stop and think for a moment before jumping on the anti campaign. After all, they are really quite beautiful in a modern sculpture sort of way.

Gary Glitter

That appalling excuse for a human being, Gary Glitter, otherwise known as Paul Gadd, has returned to the UK after being refused entry to any other country.

What is almost as appalling is the oxygen of publicity given by the media. He is obviously enjoying the journalistic scrum and the flash photography which probably reminds him of his days of fame of a different kind. His self satisfied smile says it all, no remorse there at all. It is my opinion that he should simply have been ignored and taken from the airport by the child protection agencies, registered as a sex offender with a close eye kept upon him as he slipped into oblivion.

Queen Strips Mugabe

Well that’s it then! The Queen strips tyrant Mugabe of his honory Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath so he’s bound to stand down and allow free and fair elections, right? Wrong! At least the powers that be were slightly quicker off the mark this time, they only managed to strip Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu of his Knighthood the day before he was executed.

It just adds to the realisation of what nonsense these awards are. See earlier post.

Meaningless Gongs

Well here we go again, another round of the bi-annual handing out of awards by our unelected head of state, in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. The usual round of show biz types who enjoy themselves and make a fortune doing it, get honours ‘for services to entertainment’ how bizzare is that? At least Des O’Connor was honest when he said “”great plus… I haven’t done a day’s work in my life – I’ve done a day’s effort but not work, because it’s something I love”. A boxer who punches seven bells out of his opponents gets made a CBE, Commander of the British Empire (sic)  who was already an MBE. Dozens upon dozens of Army, Navy & Air Force Officers get an array of honours not for acts of extreme heroism but for being, er, high ranking officers. Hosts of people who are just in the employ of various Royals also get something pinned on their chest. No need to take my word for it by the way, you can download the whole, generally boring, list.

Just occasionally there is someone who has done something exceptional for the Nation or humanity in general, like Philip Dolan, chairman of the Scottish Haemophilia Forum, who achieved a public inquiry for people infected with contaminated blood. Handing out awards like confetti debases the whole idea of acknowledging an individuals bravery or extreme perseverance. It would be better to have no awards at all than to have this twice yearly charade.

Royal Albert Hall Box

I heard this snippet on the news today that a box in the Royal Albert Hall is up for sale, at around £1.4million.

No Credit Crunch for some then?

Inside the R.A.H.


I heard a report on the Radio today that hedgehogs are believed to be in decline. According to the results of an investigation carried out, hedgehogs are too slow when it comes to crossing roads and hedgerows are being cut down.

Hello! Wake up and smell the coffee; did it take an investigation to come to that conclusion?

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