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What Do They Expect?

Figures just out report unemployment has risen to the end of November by 49,000 to 2.5million. The number of 16-24 year olds out of work is at the highest level since records began. These figures are just the beginning with the effects of the VAT rise and public sector redundancies yet to come to fruition along with reductions in benefits and pensions.

The current bunch of boys playing at government with their half baked, half thought out ideas appear at first glance to just be idiots but I’m beginning to wonder. The Torys have always liked to have high unemployment as it tends to keep wages at low levels thus creating more wealth for their business compatriots. Changes planned for the Health Service will eventually cost far more than the suggested £3bn but will virtually privatise the NHS with vast profits going to you know who. Education will be similar.

Of course, paying off the necessary debt that the country has, at such a reckless rate will undoubtedly mean that come the next election, in about four years time, there will be quite a bit of cash sloshing around in the nation’s coffers so that ‘the boys’ will feel happy to bribe the electorate with gifts from on high. The expectation being that voters will reward them with re-election. As the public so quickly forgot the eleven out of thirteen years under Labour, of vast improvement in public services and exceptional improvement in living standards it wouldn’t surprise me if the ruse worked.


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4 thoughts on “What Do They Expect?

  1. Inflation on the up and up, accompanied by rising unemployment; takes me back to the early Thatcher years. Seems like these people learn nothing and forget nothing. They’re going to have to find an”enemy within” to make war on, – doctors and nurses? RMT?

  2. Well Dick, this is what Alistair Campbell said on his blog today:

    “In response to David Cameron’s claim to be pursuing the route taken by Tony Blair is that these reforms do not just go further than TB, they go further than anything Margaret Thatcher dreamed of as well.”

    Bloody, very bloody scary……bastards will ConDem the needy to allow their pals at KPMG etc to make huge profits out of running OUR NHS,

  3. They’re expecting a better future.

  4. #Chris: was that “running” a misprint for “ruining”?

    Maybe they could be called in next as a new all-technocrat Cabinet like Monti’s. What was the grassroots turn-out for Cameron’s election as party-leader, by the way?

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