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The Big Oppressive Society

Yesterday in Parliament, David Cameron suggested that even more legal restrictions may be introduced to control our Trade Unions. He favoured the idea that no strike may be called unless at least 50% of the union members cast a vote.

We already have probably the most draconian anti trade union laws in Europe, a fact which ‘New’ Labour , to their shame, did little to balance. The right to withdraw labour in persuit of a just settlement in a dispute is a right that if abolished leads along the path back to serfdom. The benefits, comforts and rights that we enjoy to day in our standard of living have been hard won by thousands of our forebears and we owe it to them and indeed to ourselves and to our children, to stand up to those who seek our domination.

Yes, in the event of strike action we the public may suffer some inconvenience but that is a price worth paying for freedom. The early trade unionists suffered far worse for future generations; abuse, violence, imprisonment and deportation. Are we now so softened by the life improvements that they gave us that we no longer have the guts to stand up to injustice?

Cameron believes that over 50% should exercise their vote in a strike ballot; well, how about applying the same rule to electing MPs. The voter turn-out can be 30% or less in some constituencies and very, very, few are elected with more than 50% of the votes cast. Now there would be a problem!

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4 thoughts on “The Big Oppressive Society

  1. How I agree! I knew last year they would be trying to get back to Maggie Thatcher’s ‘Victorian Values’. An awful lot of our current problems are down to the Tories – A shortage of social housing because they let council tentants buy their home for a very low price; money going out of the country because they took off the limits; utilities and transport privatised so they can do what they like with prices and time-tables, (at least the Labour government put some paremeters in place). I’m sure many more can be added to this list.

  2. Yeah Dick, you are right, especially when only 36.1% of the population voted for the Cameroon. OK, 23% of the 65.1% turnout did vote LibDem, giving them (in theory) a total vote of 59.1%. How many of those LibDem voters actually thought that their MP would form part of a majority government?

    Not very many I guess….we have all been conned, and the time for ordinary people to stand up and make their voices heard.

    This threatens to be more terrifying than Ma Thatcher’s attack on the majority of the UK population in the ’80’s.

    And why is 50% so significant in our society? Does he really believe that the decisions of the individual shareholders in UK companies work this way? The man is an idiot! But at least he is more honest than Clegg. We knew what Condom Head would deliver if given half a chance, but the way Clegg has joined the fun is frankly disgusting and a shameful reflection on what is basically a democratic, “liberal” society

  3. Not many people seem to have noticed at the time, but four or five years ago at their annual conference, the Lib-Dem Party adopted a policy of outlawing strikes by public sector workers. Now’s their chance to get it on the statute books.

  4. I don’t miss much but that one slipped by me, thanks.

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