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Heathrow Boss

After near chaos at Heathrow Airport for some days the boss of the airport, Colin Matthews, has rightly decided not to take his bonus this year.

The question arises though what kind of bonus is automatic regardless of performance? Surely any automatic bonus is in fact salary. Bonus schemes in commerce and industry for ‘ordinary’ employees would immediately be stopped in the event that targets were not met. How is it that Colin Matthews can choose not to take his extra wedge and is there no one who can say he can’t have this payout and if not, why not.

So many questions, so few answers!


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4 thoughts on “Heathrow Boss

  1. Barry Tinson on said:

    Dick, how do you know that he has not earned his bonus? How do you know that he has not only met, but exceeded his required level of performance?

  2. I know because the man himself said so which is why he has ‘voluntarily’ given up his bonus. My point is that a bonus should not be up to the person concerned as to whether he gets one or not. What we need is to get back to a fair days pay for a fair days work. It’s the bonus culture that got us into a mess.

  3. James on said:

    I think we may be on the opposite ends of the political spectrum but I do agree with your comment above and I like your blog. I don’t agree with your view of the present government or the monarchy but if you are a free thinker, you will, like me, respect our differences and engage in open minded debate from time to time.
    Best wishes

  4. James, I do indeed respect your views and it is only by exchanging views that we, as human beings, progress. I try always to have an open mind and hopefully I’m willing to modify my views. Thanks for your kind remarks and I admit to being a bit lazy of late with the blog but sometimes life gets in the way. 🙂

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