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Social ‘Cleansing’

Under this ideologically driven government, because of changes to the Housing Benefit system, many thousands of tenants will be driven from their homes, their neighbourhoods,  their children from their schools and away from their friends and support networks. In addition many, as a result, will also lose their jobs.

Were all the tenants of similar ethnic backgrounds this would be classed as ‘ethnic cleansing’ and would be illegal under international law and questions would be raised in the United Nations and most likely sanctions imposed on the UK.  The tenants though are not all similar only sharing the inability to pay criminally high rents. They will be forced to move to the outer suburbs, assuming that accommodation there is available, thus leaving their old homes for the wealthy. This is surely ‘Social Cleansing’ which to our ever lasting shame is ‘legal’. In addition no mention has been made of the costs of moving; credit reference checks, deposits, carpets, curtains etc and the actual cost of removal. These additional burdens to placed on people of low income.

Yes I can see that some housing benefit costs are ludicrously high and unsustainable but putting the blame on the tenants is like blaming the victim of a mugger for being in that particular street at that particular time of the day.

So what could be done in ‘fairness’, that much abused word of late? Cap the current rent as it is and leave the tenants where they are. When they move or die then bring in the Housing Benefit level at that proposed, for new tenancies.  If the landlords don’t like it, let them squirm or threaten them with compulsory purchase at the lowest national rate. The real problem though is of course a lack of affordable housing. A large and sustained building programme should be embarked upon to house the 1.8 million on housing waiting lists and this would also create thousands of jobs not only in building but in manufacturing and the service sector. The only problem of course is that Conservatives are also capitalists through and through and capitalism depends on a pool of unemployed to keep wages down and a housing shortage to keep those prices up and so increase profits.



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4 thoughts on “Social ‘Cleansing’

  1. Right with you on this one…..bloody disgusting! At least Paul O’Grady may have lit the torch of revolt?

  2. Yes perhaps but unfortunately he is also a monarchist which institution is top of the pile of greed and capitalism. The Royals come to think of it are also the biggest benefit scroungers by far.

  3. Simon Showler on said:

    I think it is not quite right to call the government policy on this ‘ideologically driven’ I think it is much nearer the truth to say that any benefit system that pays people £400 and in many cases much much more PER WEEK an unsustainable one that needs to be sorted out especially in the current economical climate. Social Cleansing is also a bit harsh, nobody is being killed here it is just a case of saying that the hard working people of the country can’t continue to pay for (admittedly not everyone but in the vast majority of cases) scroungers to stay at home in luxury while we go out to work so they can choose not to. The last point is a good one about building more homes and this should definately be done but we just can’t afford to throw the amount of money needed to build another 1.8 Million homes even though it would create jobs because throwing money at it just doesn’t work you only have to look at the last governments record to see that.

  4. I think there can be little doubt that this government is ideologically driven as they have said so themselves in as many words. They do not believe in State intervention other than sufficient to ensure a steady supply of workers to maintain production, to buy products and generate profit for those who hold the real reins of power.

    There are indeed a few scroungers on the system, of course there are and there always will be a few and equally of course all reasonable steps should be taken to root them out but we are rich enough as a nation to accept some in order to support the vast majority. There is nothing wrong with subsidising the cost of a home if there are not enough homes. If there is, then, for example, it must be equally wrong to subsidise rail and bus travel to the tune of billions.

    If you would like an insight into the minds of the Torys then Westminster Council would be a good starting point as this piece from the Guardian Guardian might be a good place.

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