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More of the Family Silver Being Flogged

Remember Thatcher flogging the family silver? Water, electricity, gas, British Rail and more? Now Cameron and his renegade side kick Clegg have wasted no time in picking up the handbag and are now about to sell off our Postal service.

Using the same con trick of Thatcher the employees will be offered the carrot of getting some of the shares but inevitably they will be forced by the hardships about to descend on us to sell them off. The shares of course ending up with the rich and multi national corporations. What will be next on their agenda of party political theft? I suggest keeping a close eye on our National Health Service, not in one go of course but little by little by stealth.

Our only hope is the collapse of this disastrous coalition and another election to correct our mistake of last May.

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4 thoughts on “More of the Family Silver Being Flogged

  1. Dick you are so right! Gotta keep our eyes on these b*****ds, they will sell off and destroy all that makes this country great. BUT..maybe the next thing might be the Royal Palaces? Wouldn’t that be nice?

  2. Indeed it would but I wont hold my breath. Charlie recently purchased a Scottish stately home with £20m from his ‘charitable foundation’ which leaves very little for his various charities. How can he get away with what I would call a fraudulent act?


  3. But we still fork out for the pensions, the buyer will not have to take these as part of the deal.

    As for NHS well that was happening under Labour on a huge scale, I suppose if they did fully privatise then at least the private company’s would have to take the not so profitable jobs too…… or may be not….oh dear.

    I think no matter what party the government of the day is feed a banquet of bulls..t by the people in Whitehall, who in the main are old school boy mates, and looking after each other as much as possible, the only difference is when the Tories are in they don’t have to dress it up!

    I’m taking no chances I’m stock piling air!!! they will tax it one day…
    Tip to be an environmentally friendly air catcher. Save your air in carrier bags, simply allow the currently free air to fill your bag tie the handles tightly together (plug those annoying anti-suffocation holes with chewing gum (gum to be retrieved from path ways, traffic light areas and road junctions) simples!

  4. Good points except for ‘Labour’ read ‘New Labour’ which is (was?) ‘Old Tory’. Real Labour would never have done it.

    By the way does air in a bag have a use by date?

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