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William Hague

I can hardly believe that the bloggers and media pundits are still managing to keep this story going. In fact there’s barely a story there at all.

William, is he gay? Is he bi sexual? Is he straight? I don’t give a stuff (pardon the pun) Will he do his job well? Will he benefit the Nation? Will he think first of the poorer members of society? Oh, I nearly forgot, he’s a Tory so the answer is of course, no!

So that’s dealt with that, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, do you reckon he got up to hanky panky with his room mate…………………..

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One thought on “William Hague

  1. Nice one Dick! I’m just bracing myself to watch B.Liar’s interview with Andrew Marr on catch-up. Haven’t felt strong enough before!

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