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Police Brutality Rules OK

A police officer at the G20 summit who, without any provocation at all, violently pushes over a newspaper seller, Ian Tomlinson, who was simply walking home and who then died just minutes later is not to face any charges at all. See report.

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer said “After a thorough and careful review of the evidence, the CPS has decided that there is no realistic prospects of a conviction against the police officer in question for any offence arising from the matter investigated and that no charges should be brought against him.”

Although there is still some medical dispute over what actually was the cause of death of Mr Tomlinson would any reasonable person believe that it was just chance that he died a few minutes after being shoved to the ground. Even if we assume that he would have died at that moment anyway, there is still grounds surely for a charge of assault. This decision gives the green light to police that they can do what the hell they like and get away with it.

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6 thoughts on “Police Brutality Rules OK

  1. Peter Reynolds on said:

    This is a monstrous decision. How can anyone, ever again have any faith in our system of justice? There can be no question but that Keir Starmer must go. He has failed miserably to see beyond the minutiae and detail to the bigger and more important picture. He has failed all of us, each and every individual citizen of this country. Whatever it takes, be it a special Act of Parliament, he must be removed from office and PC Simon Harwood, thug, brute and murderer of Ian Tomlinson must be brought to justice.

  2. Chris on said:

    Well, anything will be possible in the Chuckle Brothers’ world. Mind you, it was good to see Clegg bugger things up in Parliament yesterday….and Vince Cable’s wacky plan has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe there is hope……?

  3. All is changed. We’ve come a long way from the day when police in US carried guns but in Canada and the UK it was just night sticks.

    There is brutality from every quarter. Soon the para-military Drug lord organizations will rule our southwest. Everywhere you look there is brutality and decay. I’m not totally pessimistic but I’m glad I’m as old as I am.

    The internet has not enlightened people – just provided another theater of the absurd. I rest my case and return to my library to hide.

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