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Damian Green the minister for immigration has said that to pass a law banning the wearing of the burkha would be ‘un-British. He said “Telling people what they can and can’t wear, if they’re just walking down the street, is a rather un-British thing to do.”

Perhaps it’s me but I don’t see anything British about women, either by choice or being forced into it by their husbands, walking down a British street covered head to toe in a black cloth with just a slit to see out of. I don’t, either, see anything British about about one rule for one section of our society and another rule for others. If, for example, I am wearing my motorcycle helmet I will not be allowed into a bank or into most Post Offices along with most city shopping malls.

UPDATE: Syria ( a very islamic country you would agree) has banned veils from it’s universities.

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3 thoughts on “Un-British?

  1. Alex Pettigrew on said:

    I think Egypt has a ban too. Our approach to Islam seems a bit like trying to be more Catholic than the Pope!

  2. Muslims seem to be the only ones to migrate to a country and try to change its character in dress, religion and law. Over here they want more days off for religious observance. We have floating holidays for that and even Christmas is not officially celebrated. Good grief but the Archbishop of Canterbury wants sharia law to co-exist with … ah well, I just cannot stand to see the decimation of my culture – all western culture. Over here, wel’ll all end up living in a Caliphate speaking Chinese. I’m a very tolerant person up until someone wants to remake my culture into their own image of it. Muslims don’t seem to have a feeling that small Swiss villages who don’t allow minarets on mosques may be trying to maintain the character of the village. Ditto everywhere else. I think I’ll get up a group to build a Cathedral in Iran or under the nose of the Saudis.

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