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BBC & Strike Breaking

Interesting that at a time when the BA strike is in progress and Railway workers Union have announced the date for a strike, although negotiations continue, the BBC chose to give a plug on Saturday Live to a new book by Stephen Whyles, a strike breaker ( a scab or a blackleg) from the miners strike in 1984.

Coincidence or something more sinister afoot?

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7 thoughts on “BBC & Strike Breaking

  1. Uppity Northerner on said:

    Once a scab, always a scab – I listened to the Mr Whyles on Saturday Live and was amazed to hear that he has no remorse… and he had the cheek say that it’s a pity the mines are gone — look at the reasons mate!

  2. Steve Whyles on said:

    the reasons being that you and others like you had no regard for the industruy you were allegedly fighting for, one day you will all wake up and discover that you were used by Scargill for his own political ends

  3. I take it you must be the same Stephen Whyles who wrote the book referred to?

    In which case perhaps I could point out that mining in the UK, despite 100’s of years reserves are now unreachable due to the deliberate flooding and closing down, Mining communities decimated, hundreds of years of knowledge and expertise going to waste or exported and the collective bargaining power of all unions decreased dramatically with the consequent increase in capitalist greed and worker manipulation.

    If you believe those were the aims of Arthur Scargill then he was successful but I should think you must be alone in those thoughts.

    PS I’m trying to remember the title of a folk song that included the words “dirty blackleg miner” can you help?

  4. As it happens, I didn’t write that book, nor any other book, my book will not be published until March 2014, as for the song, you are the only one that seems to know the words my friend

  5. Well perhaps you weren’t even on the Today programme, perhaps I was hearing things. Here’s a link to the song, now you can know the words too.

  6. You look like an intelligent man, appearances are very much deceptive. Hey ho , my conscience is crystal clear, as a socialist yourself sir then i’m afraid its too late for you but if Socialism ever took over this country then I fear for the welfare of all working men and women especially those not able to work, there is no room for those people in a socialist world, the leadership will discard the very people that put them into power because they cannot be trusted with power (scargills own words). Ironically Socialists spout democracy democracy and democracy yet that is the very thing that will be denied once in power as all elections will be abolished again Scargills own words, I see your tongue planted firmly in your cheek sir. However as a true believer in true democracy I would fight to the death to ensure you were able to voice your opinion even though it may differ from mine.

  7. I too believe in democracy and freedom of speech which is why I approved your comment above. Even though it is patronising and a lot of nonsense. 🙂

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