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Robin Hood Tax

So simple, together we could make it happen. Oh and ignore the 6,000 odd votes against as most were generated automatically by Goldman Sachs the greedy bankers. Robin Hood Tax.

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3 thoughts on “Robin Hood Tax

  1. Do banks not pay corporation tax?, around 30%, not that i’m in favour of such massive profits, but the idea of a tax on all commercial transactions seems to be a bit daft, if there is a problem with huge profits then be brave and raise the tax level, be careful though, they may just decide to do more from Bermuda or some such tax haven and then we get nowt!

  2. The suggestion is a miniscule tax at 0.05% and is rather like VAT which is a transactional tax. Banks do in deed pay tax on their profits but bear in mind that this ‘after’ huge bonuses of £billions have been paid out.

    President Obama is in favour of a similar tax so if this proposal became a Global tax there would nowhere for the bankers to hide. Even if just adopted in the UK I doubt this would discourage many to move from London which is a huge centre for investment companies. We are over reliant anyway on financial institutions in the UK and the departure of some may well stimulate other forms of wealth creation that are of more use to us and the people of our planet.

  3. Robin Hood Tax?

    Who’s the genius to create the tax?

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