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Duke of Hypocrisy – sorry, York

You may not read The Telegraph very often but do read this article for a big laugh before you choke on an upwelling of outrage.

The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, had the gall to say that he was taken aback at MP’s expenses and this from a guy who last year spent £4,000 of our money on a 146 mile helicopter trip. The mind boggles.

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One thought on “Duke of Hypocrisy – sorry, York

  1. As you know I have written a blog on Andy. I do not love his excess or his womanizing. I will say I admire his trying to protect the mother of his children. Would that Charles had realized Diana was a sick woman in need of help. I think Andrew now knows it will take tough love to get Fergie to a therapist to help herself. This is the reality of what she needs. Legally he can’t do much but it is to be hoped that the Queen having given her money for a home will have signaled this kind of tough love – she needs to stand on her own feet and this time is the last time for assistance. Her girls should also join in being tough on her until she can get help to help herself. Opra’s offer is just supporting her bad behavior.

    Meanwhile, Andy continues womanizing and sailing aboard the yachts of those whose help he needs in various countries. There are limits to everything. I hope he discovers his.

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