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Cost Cutting Queen!!!****

The royal family’s travel costs have been spiralling out of control for some time and with the Royal Train being used at a cost of tens of thousands of Pounds for even short trips the Queen has embarked on cost cutting.

Yes she has, really! She wants a Royal Jet at a cost of £3million plus the cost of fitting it out in a style fit for a queen and of course there’s the running costs and as for the carbon footprint, well, let’s not even go there.

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2 thoughts on “Cost Cutting Queen!!!****

  1. I’m by no means an ardent royalist. However, regardless of the ideological arguments, the tax payer does benefit from the queen (though i’m not sure about the fringe members of the royal family). The queen apparently gives up the income from the royal estates in return for money to run the royal show, which amounted to a net income of 1.3billion for the treasury over the last 10 years. Arguments against the monarchy need to be made on an ideoligical basis rather than financial, otherwise they dont always hold water.

  2. Absolutely Paul. There is no democratic argument possible for an unelected head of state.

    Whilst I and many others will argue that point, it is surely right to point out when the royals spin masters make false or misleading statements in order to prop up this undemocratic family business.

    May I suggest that you have a look at for starters. Cheers

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