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Your Choice

The NHS is facing a serious shortfall in funding from 2011 onwards. This is due to our quite rightly, rising expectations and the cost of new innovative drugs. The estimated shortfall is £8bn – £10bn for the three years from 2011.

It’s not a party political matter, although doubtless it will become so but a simple matter of finance which will have to be addressed by who ever is in power. It is down to us, all of us, to make a choice and to insist on our wishes to be carried out. If like me, you believe the tens of billions of pounds about to be spent on huge, fancy aircraft carriers and on Trident nuclear missiles, which will de facto, be under the control of the US could be far better spent on our NHS then say so. Make the demand so insistent, so powerful, that no Party can deny you.

It’s our choice; better health for us all or weapons that in all probablility will never be used and if they were, would in all probablilty bring about the end of civilisation as we know it. It’s your choice, you can sit back and do nothing, or you can write your first letter to your MP or to the local paper, just do something.

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3 thoughts on “Your Choice

  1. Dave on said:

    Not that I’m in favour of yet more weapons’ of mass destruction, but I don’t see it as an either –or situation, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible amount of waste within our NHS, there needs to be a real shake up, perhaps labour could go for it now (nothing to loss) give the managers and matrons real power, power to sack staff not pulling their weight! Put an end to job for life, get cleaning back in house and ensure its done, if it isn’t then someone needs sacking! That’s how it was and it worked, that’s how it is in the commercial world, why should it be any different in our NHS.
    Now I don’t know how much we could save, but I am sure it would a lot, just need someone with balls to do it! (Probably go against some EU rule though! That’s another story though)

  2. I agree with you entirely and I have no doubt at all that millions of Pounds could be saved whilst at the same time actually improving health care.

    However these savings will not go anywhere near plugging the hole that is developing and which requires billions in investment. Cash of this magnitude can only come from military expenditure which is hugely wasteful and as the UK spends a greater proportion of it’s GDP on ‘defence’ than any other country on Earth, it’s the obvious solution.

  3. The UK spends around 2.5% GDP on defence spending. Is that really the largest proportion ‘on earth’? I’m pretty sure the US spends around 4% and is by no means the biggest spender proportinally.

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