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Nuclear Weapons Sell Off

Without it even being announced in Parliament let alone debated there, the government has sold it’s remaining 1/3 share in the Atomic Weapons  Establishment to Jacobs Engineering, a US company.

US companies now control 2/3rds of AWE and any last remaining myth that our nuclear weapons are independent have disappeared into thin air along with £billions of our money to America.

AWE is currently undergoing the biggest investment programme in recent decades with operators boasting it to be ‘on the scale of Heathrow Terminal 5’. Spending on capital programmes, over and above routine running-costs has mushroomed from £24m in 2000 to £420m last year.

If you ever wonder what happens to your taxes or why there isn’t enough cash for decent pensions or repairs to your local school and so on, then look no further than the billions wasted on nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. There are no circumstances in which we would use them because to do so would likely bring about our own demise so why do they waste 100’s of £billions of our hard earned money on them? We must demand an end to these toys for the boys.


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