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Snouts, Troughs & Sadness

There are enough commentators wearing down their fingers on keyboards over the current disgraceful revelations of MP’s without me having to join in. What saddens me most I think, is the unwillingness of any of them to resign now that their greed has been brought into the light of day.

I’m old enough to remember a time when ministers for example, took full responsibility for what happened on their watch even if they had no knowledge at the time. They recognised that they should have known or should have put in place systems of prevention and were honourable enough to see that the ‘buck stopped with them.’ Now they spin and excuse themselves as with the present snouts in trough scandle. This is the sadness for me; greed seems to have won over honour.


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One thought on “Snouts, Troughs & Sadness

  1. Not only will they not resign, the vast majority are refusing to acknowledge that they fucked up.

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