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Fishing Quota Waste

A Cornish fishing and fish auction company has been found guilty of importing fish over and above the European Quota.

Now, it is true it would seem that the company has indeed broken the law and it looks like they will receive a hefty punishment but just think for a moment. Had they followed the law what would have happened to the tons of fish that were caught over the quota? Trawlers can’t help catching whatever gets into their nets but the law says they must throw back any excess. These perfectly edible fish are dead and will simply provide food for sea gulls or rot on the seabed! Throwing them over side will do nothing at all for preserving fish stocks. What a bloody waste!

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3 thoughts on “Fishing Quota Waste

  1. Dave on said:

    Agree, but how should the fish stocks be managed? Perhaps giving trawlers monthly limits, with overall yearly limits, so when quotas are reached you stop fishing? I’m sure there is a good reason against this, very difficult to get a good solution

  2. It is indeed very difficult to get a good solution and I suspect there isn’t a perfect solution at all. Three possibles spring to mind.

    1. Your suggestion of a tonnage limit then stop until the beginning of the next licenced time span.

    2. Remove quotas all together. As fish become more scarce, the price will rise, demand will fall and eventually make fishing for a time uneconomical while stocks recover. (not practical for fishermen long term)

    3. Remove the UK from the EU, claim back our 200 mile fishing rights and keep the foreign fleets out of our waters.

    All these have their drawbacks but throwing good edible fish back into the ocean to keep the paperwork in order is a non starter in my book.

  3. The dumping of prime fish serves no benifit to fish or fishermen; the quota system handed down to fishing is ineffective and out dated; the big issue is, what replaces it.

    Hopefully we are moving towards regional management of fish stocks and quicker reaction to the movements of fish within local waters. If all fish caught HAD to be landed we would not waste prime protein and contaminate the seabed with rotting carcasses!

    There has to be some corrilation and management of tonnages of fish caught, otherwise we would soon hoover up all there was to caught otherwise we woudl soon have no fish left at all. Perhaps heavy fines for over fishing of “allowed catch” would be one answer as long as there was a legal process for reducung a following month’s allowable catch by the excess caught in error?

    Each and every specie is effected in differing ways by various methods of fishing. This is an ultra complex issue, otherwise we would have solved the problem decades ago.

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