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New Unitary Authorities

‘All Fools Day’ 1st April and seven Unitary Authorities in England take over control on this day.

The people living in these counties were never given the opportunity to vote on this measure even though well over half of their elected representatives are done away with. A whole level of democracy removed in a single swipe by this centralising government. It was suggested that this move would save money but in my county even the change over costs have more than doubled and what consideration was given to the thousands who will lose their jobs or the enormous cost of unemployment benefits. It was said that there would be no ‘compulsory’ redundancies but large numbers of the old District Council workers were temporary or agency staff whose losses do not show up on the statistics.

The newly appointed CEO’s of these counties will be paid more than the Prime Minister and Councillors will tend to be remote figures covering huge areas rather than your local representative, known and accessible.

Who are the fools on this day? Frankly, we are, we did not protest enough, we did not take to the streets or march on Downing Street. We gave away a huge chunk of our power like lambs.


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